Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat

We always remember a fun day at the Lutheran Church on Rollin Hwy for Trunk or Treat. This year the weather was perfect and so was the company:) Our little guys didn't have this year's costumes ready so they opted for the Michigan uniforms again. It drew alot of attention:) Afterward, we headed to the Haunted Hallways and Ryan couldn't wait. We even bought pre-paid tickets. Of course, when it came to his turn, he refused to go. Luckily, there was a parent from school who watched our boys while Jim and I went through. Fun evening.

Playing in the Leaves

These are the pictures I came home to after work one night. Jim does such a great job of just playing with the boys and getting them some outdoor time. The hats are a freebie from the Michigan game we attended and they look so darn cute. I love those smiles and can hear the laughter in them. Good job Jimmy!

Pumpkin Carving

The boys wanted to carve a pumpkin this year and Ryan chose a fancy one. It didn't take long for them to get bored with me carving so we used some fun decor to get them involved too. Then we played some Minute to Win It game with plastic cups and golf balls. It was a good night. (My friend Chari made me the pumpkin hat. Can't wait to wear it.


We're trying to give Ryan some added responsibility and are hoping this little chore chart can help to motivate our little guy to start helping to take care of himself. Teeth brushing, getting dressed, and being helpful to Tyler are a few of the expectations that could win him some fun stuff! It's posted on our refrigerator.

Creative Side

Gosh, I've never had such a great opportunity to nourish my creative side as I have had with the ability to stay home. While Tyler is coloring or painting, I am often working on some projects. I had alot of fun putting together a book about our camping adventure at Papa and Grandma's house this summer. Can't wait to have some visitors (hint hint) to force these upon.

Halloween Cookies and Sick Day

We really enjoyed decorating our sugar cookies together. The boys are really getting good with some sugar glue and sprinkles. They are really good at eating them too! Ryan hadn't been feeling good and woke me several times in the night with fevers. Although he felt better in the morning, I thought it best to keep him home from school so that others wouldn't be exposed to something if anything. Jim had been to the Med Station earlier in the week for Pharyngytis so I'm sure Ry had some kind of yuck too. The cookie making seemed to make everything better...for all of us. I loved the day with them and was glad to have Ry for a full day again.

I heart moon sand!

Who can resist the smoosh of sand in their hands? Especially when you can do it on your kitchen floor with your favorite little guy? While Ryan is at school...this is the kind of thing Tyler and I do during our daily "preschool" time. Tyler liked to make the shapes but he loved to smoosh them when we were done:) This is what I love about being a SAHM.

In the name of Love

We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and the weather was so beautiful that boys got to wear shorts and Jim and I were comfortable in summery clothes. I've known Danielle since she was born and it was a blessing to share this very special day with her and her family who are like family to me:) It was a sweet little ceremony and party. Ryan and I got to boogie a little on the dance floor and that was fun. (Later I found out that it really meant something to Ryan as he wrote some sentences about it at school and drew some pictures of us dancing. Sweet.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chili Cook Off

The boys and I had alot of fun at Laura and Sam's Chili cookoff for the Michigan vs. State game. We made a batch of cookies and took some punch in lieu of chili. Loved eating BJs tomato soup almost as much as I loved catching up with old friends. The boys were really good and made me proud.


We stopped by mom's to watch the homecoming parade and scored 2 full buckets of candy. Ryan enjoyed painting the windows on the Tahoe. His Panther sure did have alot of toes:) We sat front row and it didn't take Ryan long to hook up with friends and walk around playing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ryan's Crafts

This is Zee from Nick Jr. Ryan made her out of felt and glue. Cost = $.50. Time with Ryan=Priceless. Fun, fun, fun.
Here's the lion he made out of pipe cleaners. We got the Martha Stewart kit at Family Dollar and it has been an endless amount of fun. Stay posted for a look at Ryan's special treats for his class.

Fire Station Visit

On Monday, Ryan's class was treated to a visit to the fire station. I was glad for the opportunity to attend and was a little nervous about taking Tyler but the boys were very well behaved and it was a great experience. It's so good being home and able to care and know my boys without the hectic rush that I always felt while working. This is a true blessing.

Decorating for Halloween

We got a chance this past weekend to get out our Halloween Decor. Ryan really helps to make this an exciting day because his excitement is contagious. We've got some really cool pumpkins and I scored some really scary skeletons to add new this year. We still have to decorate the porch with spider webs but we are saving that for after our pumpkin patch visit. Tyler drug out the old costumes and I think Ryan's spiderman costume might suffice. I don't you think Tyler likes spiderman? Look at that sweet smile and those web moves!
When the decorating was done...the boys decided it was time for some Michigan football. Daddy's ready to defend.
I love these surprise pictures that I find on the camera every once in a while. These are some of the things that take place while mom is away. Love that Ryan practices his numbers on teh calendar each day.