Tuesday, April 12, 2011

80. Sunny. Toledo Zoo.

We really enjoyed the weather and the company. Then we ate at Culver's and splurged on Sundae's. Can't wait for warm weather like this.

Loving Moments

We've noticed that nugget is wearing down. He is 16+ years or more...I can't remember. He has never been much of a people person, especially little people. I am Loving that the boys are wanting to know Nugget as they've never really shown interest. I am Loving that Nugget seems to need their attention just as much. He can often be found looking for Tyler and following him around the island begging for treats. Oftentimes, we can be heard telling Ryan to leave Nugget alone or to let him go or to put him down. Inevitably, Nugget seems to stay right by his side with no gumption to leave or jump down. Our family is evolving and I am Loving it.

Too funny not to post.

I always set out our clothes for the next day so that we are ready to roll and so we don't bother Jimmy while he is sleeping during the day. When I turned around, Tyler approached me with this and said, "Mommy, I've got your contacts." He thought he was so funny. It was more than funny. I guess when I go down to change clothes at night and take out my contacts he asks what I am doing and must think my bra is a contact! Ha Ha.

Let's Make a Michigan Cake

Ryan woke up one morning last week thinking he wanted to make a Michigan cake. I really didn't know what he was thinking and I really wasn't looking forward to adding food coloring to frosting that would make all of our lips turn blue so I asked him to make a sketch of his cake. He agreed to compromise with green stripes and a white background for the field and then used a blue easy writer to make a M center. It was pretty tasty too:) I love that he is starting to use his own imagination to come up with projects. Tyler helped make the cake and named himself the official icing taster while Ryan created his masterpiece.