Monday, March 28, 2011

Double JJ....Best Day Ever!

Ryan and Tyler kept telling us that Saturday was the best day ever! Yeah, it was pretty good:) Jim found a deal for Double JJ and we ended up booking a fun little rustic cabin. We hadn't really had any special adventures this winter and we all needed a break. Plus, the boys have been behaving very well. Can I get a woot woot!

Happy Birthday Avery, Big 3!!

We had a great day celebrating Avery's 3rd Birthday. Even though she was a little under the weather...she was a little care bear:) Happy Birthday Avery.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fever S'Mores

Saturday was a really beautiful day. Jim played outside the entire day with the boys swinging bats and dribbling balls (in his wool hat:). At the end of the day, Ryan begged to do some sparklers and roast marshmallows for smore's. We can't wait for more spring weather!

Addison Schools Carnival

We had a great time at the Addison Schools PTO Carnival and thank all of the people involved to make the night a sucess. The boys really enjoyed the evening bouncing in the moonwalk, tossing rings, shooting baskets, throwing at the dunk tank and more!


We tried our hand at making a pistachio bundt cake. The boys loved mixing and tasting the batter to this sweetness and it is super easy. A box of yellow cake, 3 boxes of pistachio pudding, and some oil and water is all. It bakes in 50 minutes and we sprinkled powdered sugar on top. So pretty and yummy and Tyler couldn't help but decorate the sugar with fingerprints:)
We had a surprise visit from Uncle Rick, Hailee, and Jakob this week and we really enjoyed it!

Ryan is trying to butter up to Nugget. It looks like he is trying to get away at this point, but surprisingly, nugget sat baby style for quite a while:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart Jim. Thinking today of our time nine years ago today in beautiful Hawaii and all of the things we have built together since. It has been amazing and I'm so excited to see what's in store.....

yours. truly. forever.

I'm trying a new business

I've been looking for another part time job. Really, I am in no hurry to get back to the rat race as I'm really loving being able to be home with the kids and to keep up with the house...only somehow I'm not really keeping up:) Time Flies.

I signed up for a business adventure and am looking forward to meeting people and trying this product that is very intersting. It's called It Works! I'll be talking to you soon...but for now you can check it out at I'm really interested in the wraps and the vitamins called Greens.


Ryan's been spending some time putting together Lego's, playing Battleship, and doing crafts. He's been wanting me to print pictures so he can do his own scrapbook pages. Sure!
We've also been reading alot of stories for Ryan's class 1000 stories in March contest. He documents all of the stories we read each night and he could win a trip to Great Wolf. Winning classes get to have a party and wear pajamas to school. We're really enjoying the challenge:)
Last week, Ryan missed the whole week of school due to the snow. I lost track of time and I forgot to take pics of our daily routines but we all enjoyed the extra time together. I do know we made cookies and ate cookies. That was fun. We went to the Hunt Club and played games. We ran errands. We played out on the ice. We did alot of things together and got along together. There were some great moments and good behavior. Lovin' life.

We had way too much fun one Saturday afternoon at the zoo where we got to see a fun bubble lady and enjoyed the Aviary for the first time. We talked to the boys about GGs love of birds and it was a good time. Tyler is really loving skeetball. Ryan loves anything that he can throw or bounce. We spent $25 the whole day and it was worth every penny. (Zoo membership = free parking and free entry...$25 bought a large pizza, 4 pops and 100 coins for about 2 hours of fun at the Chuck.) The boys came home with some fun toys too:) I should mention that the gas was a killer that day. We promised the boys Chuck E Cheese but when the line was about a 2 hour wait in Toledo, we changed our plans to go to Adrian bouncy house only to find out it was closed for a private party. The boys fell asleep in the truck and Jim and I decided to head to Ann Arbor for Chuck. They were delighted. So this big savings day turned out to be not so good of a savings if you count the gas. Oh, but it was worth it.