Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day With Friends!

When I made a last minute FB message inviting Lisa and her family over for some summer fun, I sure was glad when they said yes. We had alot of fun jumping off the boat, playing at the park, eating tacos and drinking margaritas! We finished off the night with fireworks, s'mores, and some nasty mosquito bites. Ouch! It sure was fun though.

Love Blooms at Grandma's House

After the Jog A Thon, Ryan left school a little early and the boys planted flowers with Grandma while I mowed. They just love planting...and playing in dirt! So does my mom:)

Jog A Thon

We sure did have fun at the Jog A Thon, a PTO fundraiser at the school. When they announced "GO!" The kids just took off and left me in the dust;) Even Tyler kept running that circle for almost a half an hour.

Ryan wants to thank all of his sponsors for the generous donations that were made on his behalf. The money raised will help build a new playground at the new school campus. Thank You! And great job Ryan!!

Summer Fishies!

My summer fishies are ready for fun! Ryan and Tyler like to jump off the boat and swim around the bay with life jackets on. The water is COLD, but they don't care. Once you start kicking around it feels pretty good.

Honoring Veteran's

We spent the morning of Memorial Day honoring Veteran's at the Brooklyn and Cement City Parades! The Cement City Parade was fabulous as always and I am proud of my co-worker Patty Lueker for all she does for a full year to plan for the event. It feels like a homecoming when I am there and get to catch up with familiar faces from my growing up years. Ryan and Tyler sure love a good parade. Later, we spent the day on the lake and enjoyed some swimming and sunning.

Memorial Weekend Visit with the Ladd's

Papa T always looks his best on a boat!

Riley and Avery go head to head with their water balloons. Tyler tags someone with his shot. Look at that form!

Ryan figures out how to really get someone wet! Too much fun.I'm pretty sure Ryan hit his target...but Riley was too wet to notice:)

I forced Ron to snuggle on the boat;)

Ryan barks at the moon!

Avery enjoys being Captain!

Despite the looks on my boys' faces...they really were having fun:) I thoroughly enjoyed this day spent with Jim's family. The kids adore each other and we always find fun things to do! We had some good eats, a nice boat ride, and we followed up with water balloons, squirt guns, and a hose fight. Then the threat of storms broke up the party. It truly was a memorable day though.


I never get good pictures at indoor waterparks. The lighting is just too bad. We had a great day at Splash Universe this Memorial Weekend. The forecast called for showers so we headed indoors and really got a bargain. A full day adventure with pizza, pop, and arcade money included. We enjoyed the day with my brother's family and had a good time. The night ended with a trip to Cabella's to look at the animals and a nice dinner at Lonestar for some steaks! The boys fell asleep just outside of Dundee:) Good times.

Spring Nests

Even though we removed the beginnings of about 10 nests in the early spring, the mother succeeded in building one overnight right outside of our entryway door. Sure enough, she worked hard to nest 4 tiny eggs and soon ennough four little mouths peeked over the edge and we watched her drop worms into the open beaks. It is absolutely amazing to see the work and growth of a new family and all too soon...they flew the nest.

We had two nests, actually. The other was on the back deck and the mother would try to swoop us every time we took a step back there. I could watch her from the basement window while sitting on the couch. I bet she fed her babies every 20 minutes for several days.