Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day Fun at Papa's and Grandma's

I finally got me some snuggles from this sweetie. My neice Avery usually save them for Jimmie. you can see.

The kids waited patiently for the loot. They had to wait for the adults to finish their meals. (Which reminds me, the night before, Tyler ran to Aunt Jennifer and tattled that Brendan's dad was not eating fast enough!)

The big boys had to get their game fixes too. Jim was trying to win on Streak for Cash and Rich was finishing up a Suduko game.

Papa likes to supervise the kids table.

We made it to Papa's around noon for some yummy deliciousness, gifts, and good company. It was a day to remember and cherish. The kids all got Papa a Wii system to ensure that they get to play when they come over. The big kids and little kiddos played some baseball, bowling and golf. Grandma Ellen also had a homemade pinata ready (boy is she brave...). You should have seen those bats flying.

Cheese Head

The only thing Ryan really wanted for Christmas was this Green Bay helmet. Santa brought him a very vintage helmet. You see why it was so important that Daddy got Ryan a Lions jersey as an early gift. I think he might need a little more persuading b/c he really likes cheese and Aaron Rogers.

Christmas 2011

(That's what the chipmunk does:)

500 piece puzzle??? Do we dare? Ryan is a puzzle master but we've never done one higher than 100 pieces.

A new baseball glove? (And later...Tyler used his Christmas money to buy a DeMarini bat!) By the way....that marble game is going to get super glued together or it's bound to hit the trash....however, it has accounted for hours of fun.

Tyler trying to guess what is inside the box. I think it was his tablet:)

We love stockings.

The boys just couldn't stop saying this is the best Christmas ever. It's not even that they got anything spectacular. They love getting gifts but they love the family time and we certainly do our best to spend time together. It was a very nice holiday. Thankful hearts.

Eve with the Ladds

Christmas Eve at Dave and Jen's is one of our favorite days of the year. The kids always have so much fun and the hosts are the mostest. Grandma Vicki got the kids Skylanders and it is a big hit. They are also enjoying the Paper Mario and Sports Wii game. Michigan sweatshirts and Mario Ts are also favorites.

Christmas Eve Advent Gift

We had a relaxing Christmas Eve morning. The boys enjoyed some game playing with Daddy while I played with my new camera. Ryan couldn't wait for the 4:00 Lions game. We were headed to Uncle David's to spend some family time and enjoy the game.The boys got an early present...actually a luxurious 24th Advent gift. They couldn't wait to open their treasures...and neither could Daddy.Ryan did a little happy dance after they each opened their new Lions jerseys. We all sported some Lions gear for the family event. Such a fun surprise...such a cute little dance.

Making Treats and Snuggling before Christmas

We cherish our time together and the boys are always so willing to help out in the kitchen or to snuggle in Daddy's lap.

Horse Chestnuts....because we refuse to like a Buckeye!

We had a fun night making Horse Chestnuts with Papa Ralph and Grandma Ellen. What a surprise to have Alexis and KayKay visiting too. The boys made a couple of friends while we made a couple dozen peanut butter yummies;) Ryan even passed on the chance to go to the bowling alley with you must have been FUN!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookie Test and Shirt Designing

Ryan wants a Michigan Party and believe it or not, it is hard to find for cakes and here is our attempt. It was a practice run. Kinda cute. Kinda tasty. I can live with it:)

Ryan has been begging me to make a T-shirt. He got a white Tshirt for his musical event and borrowed some special T-shirt making markers from Aunt Amanda and he went to town making his Green Bay Packers T-shirt. Fun.

More December Daily Life

Tyler got a really fun set of "manners" books in his advent bag today. The best parts were when Daddy imitated Cookie Monster and made Tyler laugh....over and over.

Ryan was a little tuckered out and was crashing out on the chair.

Ryan used some money he had saved up to buy a Dagadar gift for himself.

We got some cute Snowman photos at the mall where we met up with Aunt Amanda to return our kiddos after the sleepover. We ran into Grandma Vicki and Papa Ron too.

Jim and I had a date weekend since the boys ended up at Granna's on Friday night and Aunt Amanda's on Saturday. On Saturday, we finished up our shopping and had a very enjoyable dinner at the Outback. With full bellies, we came home and turned on a cartoon (seriously, we watched a cartoon even though the boys were gone:) and took a quick cat nap . It was a good night.

Granna's Attic

We have fun helping my mom drag out her Christmas Decor. I'm not sure what part of the evening the boys like best. 1.) Going into her attic with the secret staircase? 2.) Playing with her life sized Santa Claus who is connected to a Karaoke microphone and sings along? 3.) Decorating the tree? 4.) Horsing around with Daddy on the floor? 5.) Having a sleepover with Granna? It's hard to choose, but one thing is for sure....the boys sure do enjoy the night.