Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indoor Playground & A case of the sickies.

Hello All,
Here are some shots from last weekend's indoor adventure. The kids had a blast. This weekend, we went to the fair Friday night and Ryan enjoyed endless rides. Tyler smiled a lot and batted at balloons. We went to bed way to late and I wasn't sure if I was tired from the excitement or if I was coming down with something. By noon on Saturday, I was a the walk-in clinic with a 101.6 fever, chills, headache, and nausea. I had strep throat and was quarantined from my family by the doctor and doctor Jim who took care of the 3 of us famously. (That was really hard, I could hear their cute laughter and chilling screams all day but couldn't be a part of it.) I can't remember feeling so sick, sweaty, and stinky. Yuck. Now I have 500 blisters on my lips and nose that are very painful. It means I won't be able to steel kisses from my babes for about a week. Boo hoo. Speaking of Boo...I'm searching for halloween costumes for the boys. I really want them to be something cute and babyish but Ryan is leaning more towards a baseball guy or a knight or something. We'll see what we can find.

Jim was a trooper and took good care of the 3 of us. Thanks. That's all for now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fireman Bed

Here's my two little posers in Ryan's Fireman bed. We had a fun little photo shoot the other day and I'm putting together a slide show. Here's a sneak peak.

Ryan went bowling with daddy last night and talked about it all morning since I was asleep before they came home. He said he had fun and ate M&Ms.

Notice Life Today: Ryan is really starting to be able to carry on conversations. He is better when he initiates the conversation. His little face is so annimated and he gets so determined to say it right. Cute.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A reason to extend the driving eligibility age requirement!

Here are the little dare devils driving around the yard. This jeep really doesn't go too fast...but look at those faces. They can't wait for horsepower!

We had fun playing with cousins this weekend. I'll post more pictures of the boys playing at the adventure land soon.

Notice Life Today: Ryan is starting to skip his afternoon nap :( Not only am I missing a few minutes to regroup during this quiet time, but also, he gets a little cranky by the time evening arrives. Tyler's sleep is very sporadic too! He must be teething or something. Saturday morning he woke up and 4:30 and refused to lay back down. Then he refused to nap! It's not so bad, but he really wants to be held when he is sleepy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Update: Sorry for the scrapblog that wouldn't start. Here are the pictures I was trying to share.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Little guy only wants to eat things that allow him to feed himself. Tyler is really enjoying graham crackers at the moment. He's grown out of his "baby stars" but really likes to throw them around the house.
Have a great weekend everyone. Jimmy came home early last night from work with flu like symptoms so I am hoping he is recovering today (and that it doesn't spread to the kids.) Feel better babe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three Smiles & One Behind the Camera

Just like to share some of my favorite pictures and trying to get over the fact that it is almost impossible to get the perfect pose when there are 3 in the picture. The imperfection, however, tells a story in itself. The zoo is such a wonderful place and there are so many distractions. Something caught Ryan's eye but I love his distracted smile that verifies how much he loved the day. Tyler is so proud of himself that he flashed a perfect smile for the camera...or maybe it was for Jim;) He's becoming a daddy's boy too!

We are having a really good week. Alot of cooperation happening in our house (playing, eating, clean up, and poopie) and the boys are starting to figure out some ways that they can play together.

Notice Life Today: Tyler is taking some steps and is trying it more frequently. Ryan gets so excited to see Tyler's accomplishment and he rushes to let mom and dad know how "proud" he is of Tyler. "Mommy...Tyler just took 5 steps. He's doing it!" he yells enthusiastically. So sweet! (Then he hurries to knock him down because he is sure Tyler is trying to take something that Ryan doesn't want him to have.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

We love the zoo!

Another trip to the zoo. Another enjoyable day. We love the zoo. Ryan can name most of the animals and even Tyler was paying attention to the antics. Fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,
I just wanted to write to you today to let you know how proud I am of all of your accomplishments. You are such a fun and funny little boy who is always up for an adventure. You surprise us each day with a new piece of knowledge you acquired by learning a song or counting by 10's or pointing left or right, for example.

We have had some trials over the past few weeks which really has involved more yelling and crying than our family has ever witnessed. We are desperately trying to get you completely potty trained and from one day to the next there is excitement and accomplishment and then we reach a roadblock. You are definately a strongwilled boy!!!

I wanted to write to you today to remember how very frustrating this rollercoaster ride is getting, but also to remember all that we are learning from each other. I'm learning alot about you...like the fact that you are stubborn like your mom and dad. That you are more willing to go up to bed alone (you never go to bed alone...always with mommy) than to sit on the potty after you've told us you don't want to try again. That you actually go up to bed with no argument and settle yourself down quietly without tantrum when it is your decision to go. That you scream and hollar frantically when you are forced to go up by mom or dad. I am also learning that when you are sucessful at something, your face lights up and becomes so animated it is more than just cute, it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new again too. You become so proud of yourself that you can't wait to tell all of your friends and family about your accomplishment. When it is long forgotten in my mind, you remember to talk about it for days to come.

I'm learning alot about me too...like the fact that I am stubborn too. I always have to ask myself if I am expecting too much from you or if I should just give it some more time. That I want everything to fall in to place perfectly and when it doesn't I feel a little out of control but your sweet face reels me back each time because you are such a neat little boy that you help me want to be the best mom I can be. I know daddy feels the same way. He hates to see you upset and would much rather be playing baseball with you than to have to deny some "fun" until some "work" is done. You're teaching me to switch gears from angry and/or frustrated back to happy and/or content mode when we come to an understanding after a struggle because it is in my nature to stew over the problem instead of moving forward.

Ryan, we are trying so hard to give you the tools you need to be a happy, secure, responsible little boy. Sometimes the lessons hurt us more than they hurt you. Regardless, we are learning some valuable life lessons from each other. In the end, we know that this frustration is temporary and the path will lead to more successes and then to more roadblocks, but we are certainly up for the challenge because you make our lives richer and we so look forward to each next adventure.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've Been Beached.

We've just been hanging out at the beach. It is hot and we've been in the water. Yesterday, I picked up a hot and ready pizza and we ate on the boat. That's kind of fun once in a while. Even Tyler was splashing around. He always tries to put his head under water.

Ryan likes to put his head underwater for longer periods of time too. I wish the summer were a little longer because I think he could really teach himself to swim if we had some more time. For now, he pretends as if he is diving and kicks his feet for a few feet.

I'm really bummed b/c I keep forgetting my camera. gasp! That's why it has been a while since my last post. I know the pictures are more fun than my ramblings.