Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tyler's Dinner Prayer

I posted this on facebook...but I wanted to put it here....just to always remember Tyler's cuteness:)

Tyler's Dinner Prayer: "God is great. God is good. If he hollars let him go....Amen"

Make Every Day Count

Yesterday, our hearts stopped....

Yesterday, when the school bus stopped in front of the house and closed the doors and pulled away, I thought Jim was joking when he said Ryan never got off the bus. Our hearts stopped. I grabbed the phone and called the school and Miss Sally immediately connected with the school bus. I could hear the driver say that she was already turned around and headed back to bring home our little sleepy head. Ryan fell asleep in the seat and was down below where the driver could see him. When she asked the kids where was Ryan, they finally woke him up. That was one of the scariest minutes ever!

Jim celebrated by playing a few board games with the kids. Later in the evening, Ryan and I read stories for an hour and peaked at some Rocky movies that were replaying on the tv. It's the first Ryan has watched an adult show and he even recognized some songs. It was a great night for which we are grateful.

Photoshoot for the toothless grin:)

On Monday, we all had tooth cleanings and xrays at the Dentist. Ryan's tooth was so loose that it creeped out both hygenists! When the doctor came in, Ryan asked him to give it a yank and now he has a toothless smile.

In the morning, Ryan awoke to an envelope with a dollar in it. That's a good way to start the day. Ryan wanted a family photo shoot to show off his new smile. So when I got home from work and Zumba, he gathered up the troops. He told us where to sit, how to sit, and what to do with out heads. This is what we got. Cute.

Sprinkler Fun!

So it took Jim a few minutes of Tyler asking for Sparklers to finally figure out that the kid wanted to play in the water, ....sprinkler! I left for work and didn't get to join the fun but what a treat to discover these fun pictures on the camera. The day really wasn't all that warm and for sure, the water was freezing. You just can't stop these boys from adventure!


Here's a fun little project the boys and I are working on....we planted mixed flower seeds in a baseball card protector. We used a spoon to fill each slot with dirt and dropped some seeds in and water with a dropper. It's hanging on our doorwall by suction cups. Now, we just can't wait for the rain to stop so we can get outside to plant them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The End of an Era

Jim still remembers the day I asked him to get rid of his Honda and drive a Chevy! He looked good in that car. He read the owner's manual cover to cover the first night. The Monte Carlo took a beating at the top of our driveway a couple of weeks ago and it was a total loss. She didn't owe us anything...she went for 120,000 miles ago and we bought it in 2001.

We picked up our new Equinox last night. It's going to be a nice ride for us....but Jim admitted this morning that it doesn't feel quite as fun to drive. We're taking it in for some window tinting and maybe something fun. I'm sure we'll love it when we get used to it:) I know we will love the gas mileage.

Serious About Baseball

Ryan has always loved baseball. He asks to play every day! He is really enjoying the game and even though he probably could have moved up a level, we decided to stay and help to develop some of his skills. This has given him the chance to play first base and he is doing really well! Jim and I both played first base. Ryan was also given number 10 which was the number Jim and I both had in the early years too. I love watching these kids play. So cute.

Gone Fishin'!

Tyler got his first fishing pole this year and has been using his Buzz Lightyear pole to reel in Nugget. So far, Nugget has been game for the game every time the pole is brought out. It is so cute hearing Tyler's giggles and seeing Nuggie make his move! I never in a million years would have thought that Nugget would make nice with the kids. Sweet.

I'm a little jealous!

So this sweet situation never happens to a mom...we're too busy doing last minute chores at night time and trying to hurry little ones up to bed. Dad's on the other hand are comfortable enough to let the snuggles get the best of them. What a sweet picture and memory this makes:)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Carnival Night at Addison Schools

I got a nice surprise today when the school sent home this gem from the carnival night. Love it.

Ladd Easter 2011

Pictures worth a thousand words. We love to spend time together. Easter is one of our favorite holidays!
We had a nice dinner and Egg Hunt and Grandma Cathy's. The food was too good. The kids were too good at finding the eggs. (Next year, flashlight hunt. The uncles played ball in the yard with the kids (read Ryan;) It was a nice time together...until poor Hailee was bit by a visiting dog. All is well, but it did break up the party a little. Feel better Hailee.

Somerset Beach Campground Hunt and some practice

It was a beautiful day for some Egg hunting at Somerset Beach Camp Ground. The local firefighters sponsor the event and the kids really have fun. We also spent some time in the house the night before practicing up a bit. Tyler really got good at hunting this year. So cute.

Easter with Gma Vicki and Gma Cathy

We had a special day with Grandma Vicki and Papa Ron the Thursday before Easter. We had ham and potatoes and some really good desserts. Then we colored Easter eggs and had some practice Easter Egg Hunts. We sure did enjoy our time. Tyler was so tuckered that he tried to fall asleep before coloring...we finally got him into the mood though:)