Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge!

I've been in a weight loss challenge at work this month and today was the weigh-in. Lo and Behold, I'm the winner...I'll reveal results after our weigh in with R&A.

Blog Break

I know you think I've already been on a blog break but this time I'll give you fair warning...I won't be blogging from the happiest place on earth but I promise I'll come back with good stories to tell!

Monday, January 25, 2010

We saw another flick...

On Monday, we treated the boys to a movie and it was really cute. Ryan was really into it. Tyler laughed and said "mommy" alot really loud! My apologies to the crowd. About an hour into it, he switched from saying mommy to saying is it over? But I think he liked it too. Those Chipmunks are just like my boys...too cute, funny, talented....but always stirring up trouble! R Y A N! I'm not sure why it only got 2 stars b/c I thought it was really cute. See it if you can. The Chip-ettes will surely make you laugh and dance.
Jim, Ryan, and Tyler hit the bowling alley on Sunday. Tyler ran around and finally fell asleep in Jim's lap while Ryan finished up 10 games. I'm tellin ya...the kid is committed.
In other sports news....Ryan is practicing to be a UofM Michigan basketball player. He has completely demolished 2 over the door basketball hoops with his sweet loop de loop slams! Can I say GAME OVER? "But mom...I have to practice."

Did you miss me?

I've had no time for blogging lately and have spent very little time on the computer. Life is happening.

My mom has had a series of diabetic lows that are very dangerous and scary for all of us. I'm so thankful for good friends, prayers, and the talents that God gives to EMTs who are so dependable and quick to respond. I'm so sad that my mom has to suffer through illness but I am much more glad for every day that I get with her.

Ryan always looks forward to sleepovers with Granna. We often invite her to spend Friday evenings with us which Ryan refers to as "very special treats." He always asks early in the week if Grandma can have a sleepover. I know her feelings get hurt whenever she is talking to the boys and she feels ignored when they don't respond...but they adore her and I try to remind her that they are 5 and 2 and ignore everyone. Tyler jumps at the opportunity to sit by Granna on the couch or on her lap in front of some computer games. He even got her to play Mario Kart until way past bedtime the other night. Smiles.

Tyler had his first real tantrum last night. Both boys decided to be uncooperative last night and after several warnings....I put away our puzzles in progress and sent them to bed. Ryan cried and thankfully snapped out of it while watching a movie in bed. TyTy couldn't shake the grumpies though and I put him straight to bed in his crib. He wailed for about 5 minutes (which felt like 2 hours) and finally called my name for hugs. I let him lay on his mattress in my room and he was asleep within 10 minutes. I could still hear him sniffling 20 minutes later.

He woke up in a pretty decent mood but didn't want to make the 5 a.m. trek to the truck. I had to strap him in kicking and screaming. He's getting a mind of his own! Usually I can talk him into anything by reminding him that there will be no games if there is no cooperation. He usually concedes. Let's hope this doesn't carry over to our Disney trip.

Speaking of Disney...woo hoo! We are so excited for the adventure. I haven't really picked up the camera since New Year's but I'm looking forward to some really cute vacation shots to share.

Jim and I have been doing very good at our exercise routine and starvation diets:) We've had some success and the weigh in is this weekend. I'll let you know whose the victor!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catch up...

It's been a crazy busy week. I know. I know. I'm always talking about how busy I add to it the responsibility of getting in a workout. Jim and I have been doing really good about getting in some daily exercise. Jim is enjoying his newspaper on the bike and I have been walking/running on the treadmill. It doesn't really get easier, but at least it boosts your self esteem.

On Sunday, we ventured in to Ann Arbor for the U of M vs. Northwestern basketball game. Although we didn't win the game, our family had some good pay it forward given to us. As we were walking in the wrong door, the attendant handed us free tickets for the kids and pointed Jim and I to the ticket sales window. While we were walking in, a stranger walked up to me and gave me a single when Jim walked up to the window, he requested 1 ticket and the salesman handed Tyler another freebie! We ended up in the game for free! Now that's some good Karma and the kids enjoyed the game (read popcorn:)

The evening got even better when Amanda invited us over for a delicious meal. Good food. Good company. Life is Good.

Tonight I'll be playing catchup on some chores and then Wii fit with my Tyler:) The boy sure does love his game. So much so that whenever he gives me too much protest I remind him that he has to cooperate to be able to play games. He is such a sweetheart that he agrees to whatever I'm trying to get him to do...get on pjs, go to bed, get his coat on, etc. So nice to have cooperation.

In the car last night and this morning, the boys have really been getting along and having conversations about disney, music, and games. It is such a treat to listen to and makes me smile. (I need to focus on just enjoying these moments instead of smiling but allowing myself to secretly wonder when the bubble will break and the arguing will start back again. I'm totally jinxing the situation.)

Uncle Jim underwent heart surgery at U of M and is progressing well. He has a couple more issues to take care of and is hopeful to come home soon. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not so bad...

So I'm half way throught the work week that I so dreaded. It wasn't so bad. I worked out 3 times yesterday...2 half hour walks on treadmill and eliptical and followed up with a 20 minute circut weight training that really made me sore today. Yeah. The Precor brand that i use at work are dreamy! It brings back high school memories of conditioning for softball and volleyball. Those first few weeks were always killer and I can't remember ever doing workouts like that in my adult life.

I don't have to work tonight so I'm looking forward to some quality time with my Tyler and the Wii fit. That kid loves to do the running events back-to-back...he must know mommy needs help:)

I think Ryan will go bowling with daddy. He hasn't been for a while and I think Jim kinda misses him. Of course when I mentioned it to Ryan this morning...TyTy overheard and his little eyes lit up and he said "I want to go bowling." His communication skills are getting so much better and it makes him even cuter. He loves his bowling.
Yesterday, we got our Disney Planning video in the mail and Jim said the boys watched it all night long. Ryan was quite the chatterbox talking of all the things he couldn't wait to see or do. By the time I got home, Ryan was begging to go right away! His excitement really adds to our excitement. Jim has his eye on quite a few rides:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Challenge

I didn't too much thinking about specific New Year's Resolutions. I'm always thinking of resolutions and how to find that inner peace and how to be the best I can be. We all know what we need to do and I have quite a few demons to work through....

So I'm starting off with a month of exercise and trying to hone in the eating binges. I'm off to a pretty good start. Jim and I have a challenge with Rick and Amanda and we weighed in on the first (before more birthday cake.) The couple who loses the most by percentage will be treated to a kid free night spent on with and on the buck of the other couple. I'm dreaming of what I'd like to do...and I'm wondering how R&A will put the hurt to us if we lose:( Serious motivation!!

I'm also challenging a couple of co-workers who are exercising with me during breaks at work. It's fun to have the support and encouragement. I'll keep you posted. I weighed in at both scales at 184 lbs. It's not the worst weight I've ever been but it definately inspires some change. (5 years ago when I started a challenge...I weighed in at 200 lbs.)

Okay, so I'm hoping a little wellness for my body will help inspire wellness in my mind and I'm looking forward to this new decade of change, prayer, and hope. So today, I will end my note asking for all of you to keep my uncle in prayer as he undergoes heart by-pass surgery that is complicated. I hope and pray that all goes well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

December 30-Princess and the Frog and Baking Fun

The whole family spent the day in Adrian since we had to pick up the car from the repair shop. We took Great Grandma Hawkins and Granna Cathy to a scrumptious chinese lunch and then we went to see the Princess and the Frog. What a cute movie. Tyler fell asleep in the car and got a 20 minute nap before daddy carried a sleeping boy into the theater. Soon after, he woke up to the magic and the boys giggled their way all the way to the end. Later that evening, daddy went bowling and Ryan decided to stay at home:) I asked if he wanted to make his birthday cake and he said yes. The kid loves to bake. With cake in the oven, Ryan still wanted to bake so I put him to work making "hugs" candies. Ryan lined up pretzels on the tray, unwrapped Hugs and baked them for 6 minutes before pressing m&m's on the top. What a sweet treat and he didn't want any help. What a big boy.

December 31 Happy Birthday Ryan "5"

Happy Birthday Ryan and Happy New Year to all. I just can't believe my Ryan is 5 years old. Last night, Ryan wanted to make his Birthday Cake and I gave him a couple of decorating options. He chose to use some baseball players that we saved from his first birthday cake. He even put the candles on himself and he was so proud.
Grandma's and Grandpa's and cousins were invited over last minute since I never actually planned a party. Thankfully, the crowd rallied and we had a good time. Jakob and Hailee spent the night and we played video games and made paper crafts. The kids finally sat down to watch the Grinch at 11:30 and all of the men in the house fell asleep immediately...Jim, Tyler, Ryan, and Jakob. Hailee and Carol rang in the new year, barely:)

December 29 Game Playing

We've been on the go the entire vacation. Ryan has had plenty of sleep overs with Grandma's and Grandpa's and cousins. We spent part of a day together just playing games and having fun. Even Tyler is getting really good at board games.

December 28