Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan wanted Michigan cookies for his school party.  Thanks Grandma Cathy!  They were a hit.

 Celebrating at Summit Lanes with a couple of buddys.

The house was jammed with party goers for Ryan's 9th.  Good Times!

A little cold weather can't stop us!

Papa's House 'O Presents and Pork

Christmas Morning at Home Sweet Home

What a splendid surprise.  Santa was extra generous and mom and dad gave an extra special surprise too.  We are going to Disney!

Christmas Eve in Commerce

On our way with Grandma Vicki!

 The performers were ready and eager to entertain!

 Oh, yeah!  That's exactly what we wanted;)

 Hey, this is a shot of mom opening her new ipad.  It is not supposed to be a mugshot of Jim.  People, you should know by now that momma has a camera in hand.  Always look your best:)
 Great shot!

Home just in time to leave carrots and cookies for Santa and the team!

Christmas at Grandma Cathy's


School Parties

 We had a snow day so Ryan and I made bells for the Polar Express Party!
 I enjoyed making cookies with my favorite firsties:)
 I even got to sneak over for a peek at Tyler's party.  Good times.
 I missed Ryan's Party but asked him to pose with his teacher in their pajamas:)
 Tyler decorated a gingerbread man at his party.
Ryan brought home all of this hand made loot!  Super fun.