Friday, March 30, 2012

Tyler's Black Eye

Tyler was a trooper when he got hit in the eye with a aluminum baseball bat. We were really lucky that it hit the cheekbone and not the eye. He had a shiner for several days but was ready to play again within just a few minutes. What a tough guy!
P.s. In other news....Tyler is sporting some fun, new Mario shirts from JC Penney. We scored them for $2. Yeah.

Pinewood Derby Success!

Valentine Surprises

I bought balloons and made treat bags for the boys, including our pal Billie on Valentine's Day. The monster bags were made for Jim by the boys. Grandma Cathy sent over sugar frosted cookies. Yumm.
On our date night, Jim and I spent time shopping with Amy and Jason to pick out Valentine gifts. Our boys got a skylander and a Ninjango. The bad thing is that Ryan's Ninjango was already opened and parts were lost so some of the fun was lost too. We promised to get back to the store soon for an exchange but it did put a damper on the surprise.
A surprise moment:)
Tyler and Ryan love to get mail. They especially love it when the mail has money in it. Thanks Grandma Ellen and Papa for the nice surprise.

Play Date: Fort Ladd

The boys enjoyed having some friends over to color on their "fort" . (It's not a dollhouse:) What a fun project with lots of building and coloring and a little rough housing:)

Team Totum Pole

The boys had to stack themselves up on Jim's shoulders to show off their Lions jerseys.

Jack's Party

(Ha! Look at Kahlee trying to blow out the candles. Priceless.)
It's so sweet when children sing!
Ouch. Don't touch that fire...daredevil!
What a fun day we had celebrating our friends Jack's birthday. He is such a delight.

Prepping for the Pinewood Derby

Mr. Luke cut Tyler a car and he loved his green mobile.
Ryan worked so intently. We searched the house for creative ways to weight and decorate his car. He decided on a dark purple and used pencil led to create a dragonlike feel. He added weighted spines and googly eyes and was pleased with the effect.
Mr. Luke held a workshop in his basement and helped the boys cut out the cars. They used tools and sandpaper to make them smooth.

Winter Game Day

Playing some Wheel of Fortune and Marble Run. Can you pick out the biggest Gamer?

Tyler was getting creative with his CARS playdough kit and his dirty ravioli lunch face.

Rock Band and Wiffle Ball Blast

Ryan, Zach, and Tyler tried out some Rock Band during a play date this winter. Boy, it was noisy.

Tyler and Daddy took some swings while the ground was a muddy mess. Like Tyler's Baseball Boots? We loved the blue skys....and the level swings.

Cub Scout Activities-April

We had a full day of fun making bunny puppets, talking about how we celebrate the holiday, decorating bunny cookies, eating bunny cookies, playing with chickens, and finding candy filled Easter eggs. Ryan made me so proud and warm inside when he raised his hand first to say we celebrate Easter to recognize that Jesus died on the cross for our sins! Yes he did. Amen.