Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Fourth Fireworks

We sure do love fireworks.  So we are really glad to have celebrated on the lake watching the Somerset Twp. fireworks from the park with lots of friends.  We went to Cascades for the fireworks.  We went to Brooklyn for the fireworks.  We enjoyed even more fireworks at the little park thanks to some very generous neighbors. 

Lake Michigan, Silver Beach

 The kids enjoyed showing off in the water at the sprinkler park in St. Joseph, MI.

We had planned for a day at Lake Michigan.  Jim was off on vacation and it seemed like the perfect relief from the 100 degree weather.  We packed the car and took off, only to realize that Tyler and Daddy were feeling under the weather.  We decided that they would stay home and Ryan and I would make the trip.  Although we missed our buddies, we had a great day.  (Although our buddies missed us, they too had a great day playing board games and enjoying Tiger baseball.  Tyler loves his Daddy alone time.)  The water was warm and beautiful and we soaked in the water all day long, finally pullling into the driveway at home at 11 p.m. 

Lake Somerset Boat Parade

When the kids heard they could enter the boat parade this year, they decided to dress up as superheroes.  We won 3rd place and no doubt, it had nothing to do with the boat and everything to do with these dancing cuties.  As soon as we were awarded 3rd prize in the sweltering 100 degree heat, the boys pealed off their costumes and we paraded to home to take a dunk in the water and eat some hot dogs and watermelon. 

When lunch was over, we all headed to the middle of the lake and spent the next 6 hours floating in the water and cascading off the boat.  It was a great day with friends. 

Later on the fourth, we headed to my brothers house for some food and good hospitality.  We enjoyed the fireworks in Brooklyn from their front yards.

McCourtie Cousins

We spent a morning hunting for crayfish at McCourtie Park.  The kids love to run from bridge to bridge and to make new discoveries.  Crayfish, turtles, and goldfish, oh my!  We rounded up the day at the free lunch program and jumping on the trampoline at Granna's house.

Water Balloon Fight

It doesn't take long to smash through 70 balloons down by the lake.  We take a break to refill for another round in the front yard.  Cheap entertainment with the Fulks.

Water Slide

This is how we beat the heat one day in our front yard.  Waterslide.  The kid might be getting a tee bit too big for this one.  We may need to look for an upgrade:)

Father's Day, Nascar Style

Jim and Ryan suffered through a long rain delay waiting on the Nascar race to take place.  At least they spent quality time together on Father's Day.  Meanwhile, Tyler stayed home with me and we snuck into Sam's Club to get Jim a Kayak for his present. 

Happy 7th Birthday Jakob and Xander at Potter Park Zoo

 The kids loved feeding the birds peanut butter and bird seed.

 Tyler poses with Daddy at the Penguin exhibit.  Then he insists on getting a shot of mom and dad.  He did a great job.

Xander and Hailee trying to get a birds attention.

The day was a big hit and we were treated to a special behind the scenes exhibit for the Penguins.  Rick arranged it secretively to give Jakob a surprise for his birthday.  How exciting. 
And the kids were treated to a camel ride.  Lots O Fun.
We went back to Jakob's for some pool time and lunch.  Then we had cake and ice cream after a hot day in the sun!  Lots O Smiles.

We especially enjoyed the day with Xander.  It is so good to see cousins playing so nicely together.  Happy Birthday boys!