Monday, November 22, 2010

Behold! The Power of Flour.

We had a fun Saturday while Jim was at the Michigan Beating. Papa Ralph and Grandma Ellen came over for some cookie making fun. While we waited on the dough...Gma E and Ryan made the sweetest little apple pie with apple cut outs for a peek-a-boo. Ryan has been asking to make an apple pie since they studied apples early last month. I've been hesitant b/c I knew he wouldn't eat it. He promised. He didn't eat it:( But it is good and it was pretty.
Next, we moved on to making a variety of mini cookies and miscellaneous cookie cut outs since we didn't really have a huge selection of fall/thanksgiving cutters. We're definately ready for Christmas cookies though.
We took a break in the afternoon do so some shopping at the local holiday open houses. It was a nice day!

Jackson Parade

It was a cold night but not unbearable for the Jackson holiday parade. Ryan got lucky and ran into a friend from school and we all stood and sat together. It's super hard to get a picture in the night lights while everything is moving. But this picture of Ronald was fun surprise. Tyler was sad b/c he didn't get a high five. Later, the smiles came back as Santa waved to all the boys and girls. (Don't forget the highlight of the night....The Sheriff Horse Patrol led the parade and the horseds poopied right in front of us. The crowd waited for someone to step in it, which added to the nights entertainment:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

MCCourtie Park

We spent an awesome autumn night running around the park without jackets. The boys really enjoyed running from bridge to bridge and stopping to get silly and to take a couple of pictures.

Candy Makers

We spent some time after school one day finishing up the Wilton chocolates. I decided to give the boys a little more space as they worked on the project and they did remarkably well. we like to eat them too!!!!!!!!!!!!! (typed by Ryan:)

A little hard work and alot of fun!

Some more scenes from what happens when mom is at work. The boys readily raked up some leaves to score a couple of jumps....leaving daddy free to take some pics. We love these warm fall days:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Scenes from Homer

The boys had a really nice Friday night with Papa T, Papa Ralph, and Grandma Ellen. They always love to play in the yard and whip Papa at Sorry! Good memories for all.

School Party

There's definately alot of excitement and electricity at a Kindergarten Halloween Party. There were alot of kids, alot of volunteer parents, and way to many treats. I was asked to bring something healthy...vegetables. I made a cresent roll with shredded carrots and a celery stalk for the pumpkin shaped treats. They were hugely ignored compared to the sweet treats. Oh well. I would have gone for the sweets myself:)
The kids had alot of fun. Jim was able to go due to it being a Friday party. Tyler was excited all day long to go with us. He couldn't wait to put on his costume. He fell asleep in the car during the 6 minute trip to Addison and he never woke up. He missed the whole party. We left straight for Papa's house for an evening of Sorry! fun and other stuff. Thanks papa and grandma for watching the boys while Jim and I headed to the casino for all you can eat crab legs that only set us back $9! Wow. We made a contribution to the machines in thanks.

Hats off to Somerset Trunk or Treat

We hit a couple of Trunk or Treats this year on the Saturday before Halloween. The one over at Somerset was packed and there was boatload of candy handed out. We were glad to recognize some the of the generous faces from the library and Elaine's variety. When Tyler got comfortable and recognized Michigan apparel...he got excited and a bit confused and instead of saying Trick or Treat....he shouted Go Blue! We got home just in time for the Michigan game and enjoyed homemade vegetable soup that was stewing in the crockpot. What a good Daddy Jim was...Ryan talked him into some more T&T and they missed the first quarter of the game.


I'm sure Nuggett was there first and that he was so comfortable that his stubborness kept him from running...but it sure was sweet seeing these two cuddling on the couch one afternoon.

Bye Bye Halloween Decor

We sadly put away the Halloween Decor and kept up a little bit of fall themed stuff. Today when Ryan got home from school...we used up the rest of the Wilton chocolate. I let the boys do it completely by themselves and the results were so good. Even TyTy made the chocolae treats near perfect. I'm so glad that my sports lovin', video playin', rough and toughies like to do some cooking and crafting with mom:)


Jim took some more surprise pictures for me after he did some raking. So much fun to be had in the fall leaves.

Hooray for Halloween!

Boo. We had fun trick or treating at Granna's house and spending time at the church playing games. We got way too much candy.