Monday, November 22, 2010

Behold! The Power of Flour.

We had a fun Saturday while Jim was at the Michigan Beating. Papa Ralph and Grandma Ellen came over for some cookie making fun. While we waited on the dough...Gma E and Ryan made the sweetest little apple pie with apple cut outs for a peek-a-boo. Ryan has been asking to make an apple pie since they studied apples early last month. I've been hesitant b/c I knew he wouldn't eat it. He promised. He didn't eat it:( But it is good and it was pretty.
Next, we moved on to making a variety of mini cookies and miscellaneous cookie cut outs since we didn't really have a huge selection of fall/thanksgiving cutters. We're definately ready for Christmas cookies though.
We took a break in the afternoon do so some shopping at the local holiday open houses. It was a nice day!

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grandma ellen said...

It was a great day for me!!! I enjopyed my time with the boys & you! So much fun making cookies with the boys & shopping with you. Loved it so much. Thanks for the fun day & hopefully we can do it again soon. Love you all