Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27 Dashing Through the Snow

We had a fun day playing Wii, Operation, Go Fishin', and sledding!

Made the exchange of kids in Clinton and Ryan is tagging along with Aunt Amanda tonight.

December 26

We spent the morning at Sears getting eye exams. It turned into an all day event. We had a late lunch at Pizza Hut before heading to Sams Club for diapers and such. We ran into Grandma Vicki while we were there:)

The Hawkins family get together was spent at Uncle Len's house. A fabulous meal and good convervastion was shared between Len, Wendy, Austin, Carol, Jim, Ryan, Tyler, Rick, Amanda, Hailee, Jakob, Jessica, James, Xander, Mom, Grandma Hawkins, and Aunt Charlotte.Hailee and Jakob came over to spend the night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 25

Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas All!

December 24

We spent a wonderful day at Jen and Dave's celebrating the holiday. It is always such a pleasure and the kids have so much fun. We cut the evening short due to threatening weather and spent the evening playing with Ryan's new Wii game, Wii Resort. Actually, I scrambled around getting the rest of the gifts in good order and playing catch up. It was a good day and the boys finally decided to lay down for the night around 9:44. Ryan came back downstairs about 15 minutes later since he was "so thirsty." I reminded him that Santa knows when we are awake and won't come over. I told him to go to bed and I would watch Santa's status on facebook. Hee Hee.

December 23

Tyler went to daycare alone today and Miss Char was sad that Ryan hadn't come as we would be away until the new year. I spent the morning getting a highlight and then heading to Battle Creek to sing Carols to disabled Veteran's. It is a very rewarding day and feels good to appreciate these deserved Veteran's. Afterward, we always eat dinner at the Outback. I enjoyed a steak and lobster feast and boy, was it ever delicious.

I picked up the boys at my mom's as Jim was bowling (only the 2nd of 2 nights a year that Jim can drink:). Mom had a house full. Grandma Hawkins, Aunt Char, and Michelle were here for a visit and the house was bumbling with laughter, stories, and a tired Ryan! We headed home after a little persuasion to Ryan who really wanted to stay the night again. Alas, there were no more clean clothes and the little boy's momma missed him dearly and made him come home.

December 22

The boys had a party for baby Jesus today at school. They donated baby clothes to the salvation army. I dropped the boys off at Granna's house after school as they had plans to decorate cookies while I went to work. Jim met them a little later and brought them home which left me a few minutes to do some last minute wrapping and organizing. Ryan decided to spend the night with Granna and Great Grandma, a special treat for all. Tyler came home and was happy to get a few games in before bed.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 21

Ryan went to the Lego Exhibit at Greenfield Village with Jakob and Hailee and friends. Aunt Amanda was gracious to take RyRy and take lots-o-pics. Jim and I were really jealous:) Aunt Amanda also dropped off Great Grandma Hawkins and we are really looking forward to spending time with her. Ryan was so sweet talking with the Grandma's last night and figuring out when he could make cookies and have a sleepover with them. He was so excited to tell us of his adventures! I was even so proud of him for trying to plug the toilet at Greenfield Village:) (Thank you Aunt Amanda for supporting means so much.)

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 20

I booked our hotel, tickets, and dining plan today! What a relief. Now I'm looking forward to focusing on what there is to do since I now know where we are going to stay. Woo Hoo. Ryan and Tyler are so excited and Ty is Mih-e-mouse's favorite fan. Mom and I busted out a batch of cookie press spritzer cookies and decorated them with sprinkles before putting them in the oven. They turned out pretty. i was able to do some catching up on my December Daily album while my mom (aka junkie) played a marathon of mah jhong. We really enjoyed the relaxation, fun, and creativity this weekend.

Ryan and Daddy went sledding today. Fun. Tyler opted to stay in for some video games without harassment. Aunt Amanda met up with Jim who dropped Ryan off in Clinton for a sleepover and they were going to see the Lego exhibit at Greenfield Village. It felt so strange with him out of the house.

Ty crashed out at 5:00 and we did 0ur best to wake him up. Once he got his second wind he had fun playing with Daddy and didn't go to bed until 9:00. Here's a picture of him in Wii glory since he didn't have to share with Ryan.Back to the grind tomorrow. So blessed to have a long weekend and spending meaningful time together as a family.

December 19

We woke up this morning to snow. We heard early on in the day that one of our friends was killed in an automobile accident. I couldn't get their family out of my head. Count your blessings and kiss your loved ones every day. I pray for the family of Donnie Linton.

I forgot, we made cupcakes and banana pudding the other night. We are baking fools this week. We spent the morning playing catch up with chores and laundry and refrigerator clean up. Jim went shopping with Ryan after the UofM basketball game. Mom, Tyler, and I played computer games and crafted.

After Ryan got home and we ate some pizza we took on the task of decorating Christmas cookies and boy was it fun. Ryan took such special care on his cookies and really did a good job. Mom and I were pretty proud of our cookies too. We also spent some time looking at Walt Disney World videos and we're getting excited planning our trip in February.

December 18

Santa Claus came to Miss Char's house today and he gave the boys coupons for McDs and a really cuddly teddy bear. What a treat. Miss Char sent some homemade organic jam for the family. Yummy treat.

I enjoyed the morning shopping with my friend Michelle and we treated ourselves to a wonderful chinese lunch of Almond Boneless Chicken. Pure goodness.

We went to Granna Cathy's where TyTy did his best to avoid a nap:) He'd rather plug and play pacman:)
Ryan helped Granna make cut out Christmas cookies. They are getting so good at that. Especially, cracking the egg. We brought the baked cookies home and had Granna pack a bag to spend the weekend with us.

By the time we made up some taco salads for dinner, the night got away from us so we saved the decorating for Saturday. Jim and Ryan were heading for the Addison basketball game (they lost). Mom and I watched The Nativity on TBS. It was a really good story of the birth of Jesus.

December 17

Ryan, Tyler, Granna, and I met up with the Hawkins family and watched Hailee in a Kindergarten Christmas production at Saline High School. What a treat and the boys really enjoyed it. I video taped a portion but Tyler was hanging on my arm making it a little wobbly:) It was too cute and Hailee was so animated. She surely is a leader amongst kindergarteners. She knew the words and the motions and was always one beat ahead! Leadership.

Jakob was a little cutie in the stands when during an intermission he proclaimed that he loved RyRy and gave him a big kiss. Smiles.

Ryan got a wild streak before our adventure and was in all kinds of trouble that he just couldn't shake. Aunt Amanda took him to lunch and to Jungle Java to play...he had a little mishap and by the end, we all sat in the car ready to leave and cried. We all felt much better and the boys took a nap. Mom and I prayed for better behavior when they woke up. It worked. Well, kinda.

We had Chicken ala King for dinner and Ryan professed him to be his most favorite supper. What a good eater. Mom and I split for a little adventure to Miss Peggy's Variety Store otherwise known as Elaine's. We bought some cute stuff and had some good girl talk.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16

Here are my Santa boys at 5:00 a.m. sitting in the chair, eating a snack, waiting for the truck to warm up so we can leave for school. I think they were giving me a ho, ho, ho!
I'm looking forward the evening as I have the rest of the week off and Mondays and Tuesdays are filled with work with little time for anything else. I want to make something fun...maybe I'll bake something. I definately have to get caught up on my December Daily.
One thing is for is cold outside again...nearly 7 below wind chill so I will be staying inside. Ry and Daddy are going bowling. That leaves time for me and Ty to bond. Maybe Ty will challenge me to some Wii fit!

December 15

So many little surprises today that made me smile!

I scored this awesome kit from American Crafts. It is full of all kinds of fun stuff that I never would have picked out on my own. It was a real bargain and it has really inspired me to do something crafty.

I got a nice little package sent to me in the mail today from a very kind retiree who wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas. It was some yummy southern style chex mix from Alabama...filled with the usuals and a spicy tang...but the special surprise was bacon! I love thoughtful surprises.

I also got a surprise gag gift from a secret santa who was trying to embarass me at work. It is too embarassing to share. They always say I am too uptight and are always looking for ways to make my face turn red. They were successful.

Came home from work tonight and, no surprise, they were having some serious Wii action!! Here's a cute picture that I put in my December Daily titled "Wii are family!" It's become and important part of our day.

There are some really wonderful skills that the boys gaining from the Wii. They are really good at finding the mii...that looks alike, that is different, that is fastest, etc. It's not always as easy as it might seem and Ty Ty is getting really quick. Tyler is also a fan of bowling. Ryan is still a major fan too. "Bowling" and "Crash" (as in Crash Bandicoot) are two of Ty's favorite words.

Did I mention that my boys like bowling? For nearly 3 years, bowling pins have a been a favorite in the house. Setting up pins and crashing them down is a regular event in the house. By the look of this smile and the bowling ball up in the air...I think that might have been a Turkey!

December 14

Mondays are always busy. What a treat it was to come home this evening to the guys playing board games. Jim played candyland and Bingo with the boys. So nice to see them away from the TV.
I brought home some unfrosted sugar cookies and let Ryan and Tyler go to town with frosting and sprinkles. Just a little bit of quick fun:) Luckily, they already had a snack and didn't try to eat all that sugar fun before bed.

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 13

Ryan and I spent the morning at the drug store for some cough/sore throat relief. We did some grocery shopping too. Mmmm, fresh fruit and veggies.
We spent the day cleaning up floors, sheets, and clothes. Ryan and I made chocolate candies and later went to church for singspiration. Ryan was so cute singing "Go tell it on the mountain" and all the nice ladies smiled at him:) He was sure to gobble up a plate full of goodies and even brought home some nice surprise cookies for daddy and Tyler.

December 12

Jim and I power shopped today while Amanda generously watched our boys:) It was fun and we just have a couple of items to pick up. What a relief!

Ryan and I stopped in at the Medstation on our way home b/c my throat was feeling raw and Ryan was coughing. Luckily, neither of us had any fever or strep so we just have to relieve the soreness. We just wanted to be sure that we weren't passing strep around the house. Hopefully, everyone will be feeling better very soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11th

We were on vacation again today. I just can't get the boys in synch. There is alot of fighting and screaming and lack of coopertion but we made it through with a couple of time outs and some circle talk where we sit in a circle and talk about our behavior. I was hoping to have some fun this afternoon visiting with family or going to dinner but it just didn't pan out. I'm spending some time on my memory books and finishing up our christmas cards to put in the mail in the morning. They turned out pretty simple and cute for such a late start. I mounted them on patterned paper that will stand like a teepee on their own.

We did have a good time visiting with the Wheaton's today for a playdate. So neat to see their little cuties growning. Kahlen and Ryan played lego's while Tyler and Kyra smiled and laughed before Tyler ran her over in the Dora car. Mommies saved the day! No worries!

December 10th

We slept in until 7:30 a.m. The plan was to get the kids to daycare by 9:00 a.m. and then off to shopping in Toledo with my friend Michelle. It was bitter cold, nearly 7 below wind chill. Our driveway was a mess and even though I tried to scrape a path and salt, we had a couple of mishaps that had me fighting back tears. My mom had on some flats that were tracking well and she slipped down. When we got her back on her feet, she took another step and tumbled again. Luckily she could hold her own for more of a slow slip fall but it was windy and was hard to get up. At the same time, poor Tyler fell in the snow and he didn't have on gloves. He cried and I was torn. Do I help my mom off the ground or my 2-year old? I got mom to safety and went back for sweetie Ty whose hands were red as Rudolph's nose. We were all frozen and Ty just couldn't shake his fear. He cried for about 15 minutes straight...a rarity. We made it through, but it was rough morning. Luckily, no one was really hurt.

I spent the morning shopping and then went to see New Moon. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. And a 1/2 bag of the best popcorn ever! Can I say woot woot for the Adrian Cinema? Awesome seats too. Good company. Lots of fun.

Worked the evening at the Village meeting and came home to snuggle with the boys. Jim still isn't up to par.

December 9th

Today was pajama day at school. The boys always love these special days. Ryan has been wearing too small of pajamas all winter and I busted out a pair of size 7 that I had planned to give for Christmas but this turned out to be a more appropriate time. Surprisingly, they fit with a little roll of the sleeves. I told Ryan, "no more breakfast for you!" It's our little joke to let him know how big and strong he is getting.

Jimmy was bowling tonight. He tried to rest and recover. Picked up my mom since her electricity was out. It was really cold and our driveway is a mess. We stomped our way to safety. We ate a chili mac casserole to warm us up and finished up with sweet potato pie. (That easy and delicious recipe is getting me in alot of trouble.)

The boys were unruly and mom was really helpful trying to occupy them with puzzles. We still couldn't stop Ryan's crankiness and his tendency to pick on Tyler.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8

Jim called me at work to tell me he was totally sick. Fevers, chills, cough, soar throat, etc. Doc says strep throat. He spent the evening hiding from us in fear that he might make us sick. Nights at home without daddy are not fun. Hope you feel better soon, babe. Tyler is doing much better. He had some pretty serious diaper rash and a runny nose. Everything is pretty cleared up now:)

I tried to go to work with the two boys armed with paper and crayons and toys. That didn't go over too well. After a couple of interrupted business calls I called it quits, picked up a pizza and headed home for some game time and Christmas Card Making:) The snow is falling and we are warned of an incoming winter storm

December 7

Tyler went to the Medstation yesterday with some hard to beat diaper rash. He had a runny nose and the Doc gave him an antibiotic and cream. Today, I dropped Ty Ty off with Granna Cathy b/c I wanted to make sure the other kids were protected from illness. Ryan was sad. He wanted to stay with Granna too. Thanks mom. I know that 5:00 a.m. is awfully early to be taking care of a sick toddler.

I dug out my Jewel Christmas CD and put it in the car. On our way home from school I asked if Ryan wanted to listen. Of course he said yes. He loves Christmas tunes. He remembered the CD from last year and asked if the mountain song was on this one. Nothing sweeter than hearing a four year old voice belt out some go tell it on the mountain! There's also a really fun Rudolph tune that Ryan likes to sing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 6 & Santa Parade

We really enjoyed the Santa parade a couple of weekends ago. It was pretty warm so it was nice to get some fresh air. Local School bands played Christmas Carols and local businesses/churches decorated floats. The final display was a waving Santa Claus and every kid on the street put their hands in the air to be seen. Magical.
After church on Sunday, we decided to take Tyler to the Medstation for a rash that was literally causing him to say "ouchie". Jim took him to the doctor while Ryan, Granna, and I did some shopping. After the appointment, we had to wait for an RX at the drugstore. I think everyone is sick. Boo.
We spent the rest of the evening playing and watching Christmas shows. I got a chance to work on photoshop creating our Christmas cards. I've got to get those out this week.