Monday, December 21, 2009

December 18

Santa Claus came to Miss Char's house today and he gave the boys coupons for McDs and a really cuddly teddy bear. What a treat. Miss Char sent some homemade organic jam for the family. Yummy treat.

I enjoyed the morning shopping with my friend Michelle and we treated ourselves to a wonderful chinese lunch of Almond Boneless Chicken. Pure goodness.

We went to Granna Cathy's where TyTy did his best to avoid a nap:) He'd rather plug and play pacman:)
Ryan helped Granna make cut out Christmas cookies. They are getting so good at that. Especially, cracking the egg. We brought the baked cookies home and had Granna pack a bag to spend the weekend with us.

By the time we made up some taco salads for dinner, the night got away from us so we saved the decorating for Saturday. Jim and Ryan were heading for the Addison basketball game (they lost). Mom and I watched The Nativity on TBS. It was a really good story of the birth of Jesus.

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