Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 3 & 4

We went to Double J resort in Rothsburg to celebrate a very special birthday. Miss Hailey turned 6 this weekend and we surprised her by showing up at the waterpark!! She almost knocked me over when she noticed we were there and she came running for a hug. Sweet moment. Ryan jumped and swam (with life jacket) like an old pro. He loved the basketball pool and we played for hours and hours.
He never complained even when the basketball created a big splash in the face:)

The resort was pretty empty and we had plenty of opportunity to utilize the slides, hot tub, and arcade. We even enjoyed a really nice meal with no worries that the kids were running around. The staff was so nice and accommodating.
We had our first glimpse of snow this weekend as Grand Rapids and Grand Haven were hit with a snow storm. We spent some extra hours at the resort and the roads were safe and clear on the ride home. Blessings.

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