Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 5

Saturday, we had plans to head up to Ann Arbor and watch the Michigan Basketball team. Unfortunately, Ryan was tired and just couldn't follow directions and we had to abort the mission. Everyone was really sad but we used it as a lesson on how to cooperate and the importance of listening to mom and dad. We spent the afternoon at home doing chores instead. Later in the evening, we went to Grandma Cathy's and helped get out Christmas decor. Then we went to the village gathering and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It was cold! The boys had fun running around and singing some songs. They were too excited when we learned that Santa Claus was coming to town and we were wait at the Center and eat cookies and drink hot chocolate in anticipation.
This fabulous Santa Claus really put the kids at ease and listened to all of their requests. The candy cane he offered Tyler really put a smile on Ty's face. Last year, Ty wouldn't have anything to do with the man in red. This year, I reminded him that Santa was the one who brought us Wii bowling and suddenly Santa became "saint" worthy:)

Ryan waited his turn and marched right up to make his request. He was sure to tell Santa that he really didn't want anything for Christmas but MarioKart Wii. He explained that little brother broke the other one we got last year. I asked Ryan if Santa had told him which list he was on and he told me that Santa said he is a good boy. Ryan added that he was going to try really hard to be a good boy all winter!
When we got home, I asked the boys if they were all set and I ventured down into the basement for some crafting fun. At 10:00, all of the boys were in bed snoring soundly.

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