Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo

We had a really wonderful time at the Toledo Zoo Saturday night. We got there about 5:30 to make the exchange of kids after the sleepover. Ryan, Tyler, Jakob, and Hailee spent almost the entire ride guessing where we were going on our surprise. The looks on their faces when they figured out it was the zoo was priceless.
We stayed until 9:00 p.m. wandering in the magical lights and taking in the scene, music, and fishies. It was 50 degrees with no wind which made the stroll nice. The boys enjoyed the $1 train ride so much that we rode it a 2nd time. We also had a chance to ride the carosel for $1. We have a membership so admission and parking was free. We came into the zoo with only $6.00 and had a perfectly pleasant time:) Talk about affordable family fun!
Ryan sure was making some goofy faces. He can be so funny! He took the picture of Jim, Tyler and I. He's definately getting better at picture taking. Now I'm regretting not asking someone to take a shot of the 4 of us.
The evening was so enjoyable...we might try to make another trip in December. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone. Beautiful memories.

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Grandma Ell said...

Looks like another fun adventure at christmas zoo lites. Love those faces---funny!!!