Monday, December 21, 2009

December 17

Ryan, Tyler, Granna, and I met up with the Hawkins family and watched Hailee in a Kindergarten Christmas production at Saline High School. What a treat and the boys really enjoyed it. I video taped a portion but Tyler was hanging on my arm making it a little wobbly:) It was too cute and Hailee was so animated. She surely is a leader amongst kindergarteners. She knew the words and the motions and was always one beat ahead! Leadership.

Jakob was a little cutie in the stands when during an intermission he proclaimed that he loved RyRy and gave him a big kiss. Smiles.

Ryan got a wild streak before our adventure and was in all kinds of trouble that he just couldn't shake. Aunt Amanda took him to lunch and to Jungle Java to play...he had a little mishap and by the end, we all sat in the car ready to leave and cried. We all felt much better and the boys took a nap. Mom and I prayed for better behavior when they woke up. It worked. Well, kinda.

We had Chicken ala King for dinner and Ryan professed him to be his most favorite supper. What a good eater. Mom and I split for a little adventure to Miss Peggy's Variety Store otherwise known as Elaine's. We bought some cute stuff and had some good girl talk.

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