Monday, December 10, 2012

Addison Tree Lighting and a visitor!

Always love to share a secret with Santa and what better venue than right in our home town.  This year, the festivities took place at the school and a good time was had by all.  The night before, the kids enjoyed a Santa Lock-In at the school where they watched the Grinch, played some football, ran around and met Santa.  It was a fun filled weekend.

Celebrating Hailee's 9th Birthday!

Tyler stepped right up and started the crafts on his own.  He is getting to be such a big boy!

Xander and Jacob were less interested in the crafts but it looks like they still had a good time.

Here's a special card Tyler made for mom:)  Look how proud he is.

 Uncle Rick was making a deal with Ryan.  If the Packers win, Ryan gets 2 gifts.  If the Lions win, zero gifts.  I think it was sealed in spit:)  (Wondering if Rick knows the Packers won?)
Can't believe our sweet Hailee is 9 years old already!

Surely Miss Hailee cannot already be nine!  Sure enough, she is.  We had a fun day bowling and having lunch at McDonald's.  We also spent the afternoon at the Chelsea Library where there was a fun petting zoo and crafts galore!  We had a fun day together, as always.

Double JJ Adventure!

We spent the evening at Double JJ resort the first weekend in December and had a blast.  Ryan has always had a fever for high excitement and Double JJ does not disappoint.  This year, Tyler was a sliding machine.  He rode on all of the slides and daddy had a challenge to keep up.  Mom didn't stand a chance.  After a couple of quick circles, I was nauseaus and had to give up.  I did, however, enjoy catching up on a series I have been wanting to read for a while....Sookie Stackhouse.  What a hoot!  We had a great breakfast and some arcade fun where Ryan kept hitting the jackpot.  Lucky boy!

Decorating for the Christmas Season

It's one of our favorite things to do;)  Bringing out all of the festivities!