Friday, September 30, 2011

Tyler Turns 4!

A cupcake themed invitation and party at home with the cousins was just right. (We celebrated with our other group of cousins during our camping outing earlier in the month.)

U of M Fan Day 2011

Fan Day is getting busier and busier as the years go on...but it is still fun. We really enjoyed being down on the field this year watching the new big screens and enjoying the changes made with the press boxes. Security was a little tough on the little guys who wanted to throw and kick footballs (so we had to do it on the sly:) We love getting the boys' pictures with the cheerleaders and we missed a shot of us meeting the drum major. He was a doll, ala Justin Beiber style. Mr. Greg and Ms. Kathy even found us on the field and it was fun laughing with them. We didn't stand in line for a picture with THE D, but we stood in the background and got a picture of his smiling face. GO Blue. (Sidenote: Tyler is so used to hearing us route for Michigan, that even when we take him to see the Addison Panthers, red and black, he hollars "Go Blue!"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Baseball Fun with Lugnuts and Mudhens!

Surprisingly, we made our first venture to the Mudhens this summer. What a fun ball park. We got to see fireworks too. Bonus! Jim and I thought we were so smart parking early in the day to go to Imagination Station and just walking the 4 blocks to the park. We even stopped back by the parking structure to see how much the day would be. $6 good deal.

Our hearts sank to our stomachs when we finally made it back to the parking structure around 10 p.m. with 2 tired boys and 2 tired parents who carried the boys. The gate was locked shut! oH No. What now? As we got a peak at the club across the street with dozens of security guards at the door....all kinds of scenarios crossed our minds. Luckily, the parking structure posts a telephone number...and luckily, I had about 10% battery on my phone....and luckily, a guard graciously came to let us in within just a couple of minutes. Luckily;)

A day at the park!

It was a regular summer day and we had to run to Brooklyn for a Dr. Appointment for my mom. We visited the Brooklyn Park and enjoyed the play ground and jumping in the river for some crayfish finding.

Our New Home Away From Home, Quality Camping

It was alot of fun camping out in Marshall where our Aunt and Uncle stay in the summer. We got to spend time with cousins and boy did we ever enjoy it. We played putt putt golf, basketball, horseshoes, and bean bag toss. We toasted s'mores and had cookouts. We played on the playground. We swam. We ran for the potty! And as you can see by Tyler's spoon trick, we got a case of the sillies from time to time. Smile.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homer Days, Happy Birthday Celebration for Tyler!

It has become a nice tradition visiting Papa Ralph, Gma Ellen, and Papa T for an overnight camping adventure in their back yard. Riley and Brendan joined us again this year and Avery, Jen and Dave joined us for some Homer Days Fun at the Parade and some visiting back a the ranch. The kids enjoyed the face painting (but not Tyler...he does not like face paint or stickers!) and tattoos and played a bunch of fun free games. Ryan and Riley even rode a bull...YAHOO! The fireworks are fabulous...second only to the company. It has quickly become one of our favorite Summer traditions.

No Training Wheels

(Look how bad our road is:( It's kind of a neat perspective though.)

Pictured above, Ryan is taking a break from the action. He just needs to improve on using his breaks and keeping steady!

Boy were we ever delighted to see Ryan riding up and down the road with no training wheels. The neighbor girl, Kahlen, celebrated the accomplishment a few weeks prior and it really made Ryan determined. Daddy and Ryan went to a grassy field to practice a few times before he ventured on the road. We couldn't be prouder. Of course, we hope to get Tyler riding a little sooner b/c it sure is hard running after the bigger kid trying to hold him up on the bike. (We scored the new bike at Menards on a rebate for really lucky.)

Happy 7th Birthday Riley!

Birthday Parties @ Dave and Jen's are always alot of fun. The cousins love to play together and that Riley sure knows how to party Hello Kitty Style. Of course, Tyler opted to wear his Mario instead:) We spent some time playing with bubbles, playing basketball and enjoying the pool. Tyler swam without a life jacket for the first time and Riley gave it a whirl too!

Lansing Lugnut Adventure!

We discovered that we really enjoy visiting the Lansing Lugnuts. The boys were lucky enough to score some balls from the players before the game began. At the end of the game, we lined up to run the bases and I took a foul ball to my back. OUch. The boys also enjoyed the inflatable toys that are out in the outfield. It's a nice break mid-game for the little ones.