Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Baseball Fun with Lugnuts and Mudhens!

Surprisingly, we made our first venture to the Mudhens this summer. What a fun ball park. We got to see fireworks too. Bonus! Jim and I thought we were so smart parking early in the day to go to Imagination Station and just walking the 4 blocks to the park. We even stopped back by the parking structure to see how much the day would be. $6 good deal.

Our hearts sank to our stomachs when we finally made it back to the parking structure around 10 p.m. with 2 tired boys and 2 tired parents who carried the boys. The gate was locked shut! oH No. What now? As we got a peak at the club across the street with dozens of security guards at the door....all kinds of scenarios crossed our minds. Luckily, the parking structure posts a telephone number...and luckily, I had about 10% battery on my phone....and luckily, a guard graciously came to let us in within just a couple of minutes. Luckily;)

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grandma ellen said...

Sounds like an adventure day but goodness the trouble you had to get your car. LOVE THE PICTURES