Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday Snowman! Monday Melt.

We had such a fun time together making a snowman in the front lawn. The snow was perfect. The day was sunny. Even Tyler who usually hates the call of wind on his face played full force throwing snowballs at me while I tried to take some pictures. We used Mega Blocks for the eyes, sidewalk chalk for the nose and huge dry leafed sticks for the arms. The boys even went back outside after dinner. It was a great day.
Fastforward 8 hours:
Ryan woke up several times during the night from the sound of wind rustling against the siding. When he got up for school, he looked right out the window to discover a very wilted snowman. Sadness set in. It is kinda sad to say goodbye to a really cool snowman! At least we have a great memory of some family fun:)

Game Day!

The boys played a few games and colored some pictures with Granna after the game on Saturday. With all the electronic usage in this house, I sure love to see the boys with books and crayons!
Ryan got the cutest bobblehead trophy at the pizza party held after the game. He was so proud. The kids really showed alot of improvement over the last 5 weeks. Ryan is a great rebounder and has really learned to cover his opponent with raised arms.

The kids waited patiently for pizza, juice, and candy! We took a handmade valentine wrapped fruit snack to share. It was a fun day. Thanks Coach Carpenter's!

Happy Birthday Norm!

We went to a little party to celebrate Norm's 50th Birthday party and had some fun visiting with Papa, Grandma, Papa T. and Betty. We had some pizza at Pizza Hut and went to the party to celebrate. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures like Miss Betty asked but I liked these ones:) Happy Birthday Norm!

It's Puzzle Time!

Tyler is brushing up on his puzzling this week. He is doing a great job! I also wanted to make note of something cute the boys do when saying goodbye....they ask for a kiss, a hug, and a spanking! It's sure to put a smile on their faces.

What to do?

We had a couple of snow days during the big blizzard and we had to find some things to do. We made valentine special edition PacMan cookies and played games. Battleship is Ryan's favorite game right now and he is good at it. Tyler likes to assist.

A little snuggling!

When Papa and Grandma Ellen came over a couple of weeks ago, the boys convinced them to go downstairs and play some RockBand. Papa laid down for a quick rest and soon little Tyler was crawling up on him to take a nap too! (I don't know how they slept through all the "Rawkin"!)