Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tiger Baseball Game!

We had a great day at Comerica Park.  We got to go down on the field and it was really crowded.  The boys managed to sneak their way around the adults and got a few good shots. Unfortunately, it was so bright, you couldn't see the view finder and so a few of the pictures are cut off.  Still, they are cute and funny.  Tyler enjoyed the game and could be heard commentating the game and cheering for the Tigers.  Ryan, as usual watched intently.   Bonus:  Tiger's won!

We ended the day at Red Robin for burgers and fries.  So spoiled.

Baseball Galore!

Pre-game Pose:)

In the Dug Out

Gettin Ready Strut

Tyler's debut!  He ran down a player to tag him out:)

My fellows are playing ball this Spring and it is keeping us busy!  Fun kind of busy.  Ryan plays or practices 3 times a week and Tyler practices 1/wk and plays 1/wk.  We love to see them improving and learning more and more from their wonderful coaches.  It is so great to see all the Dad's helping out and all of the families filling the stands.  Go team!

Pinterest Bubble Worms

Simple pleasures.  The kids made worm bubbles with socks, water bottles, rubber bands, and soapy water.  Thank you Pinterest for the great idea.  I can't remember who to give the credit, I'll have to go back to find the site to link to....

Circus Fun and Hunt Club

We love family time...especially when it includes cousins!  It was fun attending the local circus. (Thanks Rick and Amanda for donating the tickets.)  Cute animals.  Cute dogs.  Cute kids.    We saved some cash when the kids all agreed that the junk at the circus was too expensive and we hit the Hunt Club instead for some pizza, pop, and play.  We finished off the night with a fun sleepover.   Good Times. 

Cub Scouts tour our town and map it!

The Cub Scouts, led by the Weblos, journeyed up Main Street, Addison to take a look at the village.    The group talked about the local businesses located along the street and then made of "Pirate's Map" of their findings.  Great job boys!

Half Day of School and Bowling Fun!

The kids had a half a day at school and Tyler had his Kindergarten Round Up so we decided to celebrate with bowling fun and caught a $5 unlimited bowling.  We scored a deal.  The kids enjoyed playing and acting goofy with some 25 cent moustaches.  Too cute.  We even stopped by Burger King for strawberry sundaes for the ride home.

Kindergarten Round Up

U of M Spring Game....A Tradition

It was a little sloppy wet but the rain held out for the Spring Game at Michigan Stadium.  Ryan loved getting his face painted.  Tyler opted for a pretzel and a hot chocolate since he hates face paint, stickers, and tattoos.  What a fun way to spend the day as a family.