Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finished "The Host"

Just finished reading Stephanie Meyers, "The Host". You know...she is the one with the vampire series "Twilight." The Host is such a different read but it was really enjoyable and really has me thinking. It's about this parasite that takes over a human body. Actually, Earth has been taken over by these parasites and there are only a few humans left. The tricky part is the fact that a few humans, even though their bodies are taken over, can communicate with the parasite. (It's not really as sci-fi as my description sounds.)
I enjoyed the read b/c it really takes a look at relationships...a theme I have been examining for some time now. These souls that have taken over the Earth live so congruantly that life is seemingly blissfully perfect. For this soul, however, the emotions and relationships that she shares with humans is telling. (I won't say more in case you want to read it:)

The main lesson is there can be no joy without equal weights of pain. I've always been one to recognize my extreme highs and lows, but also recognize that I would not give up the lows because they make the highs just that much more enjoyable. I would never want to be middle of the road. The soul in this stories knows about sacrifice and she is willing to give her all so that her loved ones can have it all.

Sounds kind of familiar. Today, I am so thankful for the one who gave his all for my happiness. here are a few other things I am thankful for:

Ryan's funny expressions.

Tyler the trooper who loves to push cars on pavement, bare skinned.

Our beautiful scenes...

Playing with the kids...doesn't everyone love bubbles?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dominos Farms

We got some good pictures from our adventure to the petting zoo. Look at all those smiles:) I was just thinking that I never posted a Father's Day message so I was looking for some father/son pictures. The thing is...Jim and Ryan took off so early on Father's day for some serious golfing that I didn't get any actual Father's Day pictures. This will have to do. I'm just bummed that I didn't get daddy and Tyler this time around. I did make Jim a fun little DAD scrapbook. Hmmm. . . maybe I 'll try to post the scrapbook one of these days. It was really fun to make and included pictures of the boys together over the past year.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jake's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jakob! We had a lot of fun celebrating my nephew's 4th birthday this weekend at Domino's Farms and then back to his ranch. Time sure does fly. These kids are growing up way too fast. Tyler and Ryan had fun feeding the animals and chasing all the kids. Ryan especially liked to feed the ducks. He even went for a pony ride. After the petting zoo, we headed back to Rick and Amanda's where we ate, drank, played cards and let the kids run free. We took our waterslide to the house and it was a hit. Ryan can't wait to set it up again. Good times.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Boy

The boys were tired yesterday...a little daddy took them to the park while mom went to work. They like to go to the park by mommy's "workshop" where Tyler plays independently on the slide and Ryan shoots some hoops or hits some baseballs (a lot of strikeouts yesterday:(.

I took care of some business and we ran to town to pick up RX and have dinner at (boys' choice) Big Boy! When we pulled in the parking lot was empty and we were relieved as dining out is still a crap shoot. We had a few uncomfortable moments but for the most part the meal went well and the kids actually ate. Ryan wanted eggs for dinner. Big Boy says your wish is my command! Bacon and pancakes secured the deal. Tyler ate grapes with the stems and all and refused any help. Luckily, he was able to gag up the obstacle. He was pleasantly surprised that it projected right back onto his plate and, to him, was still perfectly edible. (Our Apologies to the neighboring table:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun!

I'm so mad at myself for missing alot of fun shots this weekend. The camera is always a last thougt anymore. Sure do wish I had taken a picture of Jim and I as we headed out for an adventure on Saturday night. My mom watched the boys and we met up with some friends for some race party fun at the Hunt Club and then over to Bella Note. We had a very enjoyable Saturday night with old friends and made some new ones too.

We paid the price Sunday morning. Ughh! Jim was grateful that the boys and I left for church just before he prayed to the porcelin god. The boys took a long nap and I fell asleep in the sun for a while before we ventured to our cousin's graduation party. What a nice party. The house was very homey, the food was delicious, and the company was devine. So thankful for our family.

Ryan and Jim went to the track on Friday evening for the Arca race. Tyler and I picked up my mom and had a little BBQ before we sat down to finally watch Twilight. It was good...but not nearly as good as the book. The characters were nothing like I pictured and the love connection was not nearly as intense. Oh well, maybe it was for the teenies. I'll take my vampires a la Brad Pitt or Keifer style anyday.

It's Monday and the madness begins. Monday and Tuesdays are torture on a 10 hour work day and off to job #2 right after. C'mon Friday. Hoping to catch up with friends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whew! What a week.

Going back to work from a 5-week layoff has been a challenge. It's not just the "dread of work" but also, the fact that we are working a 4-day work week. The boys have been a dream to get ready in the morning (4:30). They get dressed, grab a waffle, a blanket, and head to the car. (Thank time for negotiations!)
To top it off, I am working Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the Village this week. So far, the week has not been much fun. Jim has helped to make the transition ever so smooth and I am ever so grateful! He has had dinner waiting for me as I walk in the door each day because he knows I have to turn around and walk right back out. Very thoughtful. Thank you, Babe. Ryan, Tyler, and Daddy have been busying themselves with some story books, Mario Cart, and some serious basketball at the park.

Tonight, I plan to just chill and play with my family. Ryan is bound and determined to get to the golf course and asked if we could call Daddy on our way home from school to meet at the course for a round. I'm thinking Jim might be up for that.

Just wanted to share some fun pictures from a recent adventure with Jake and Hailee. The kids are too much fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Carp Carnival

There's not much that my family loves more than a carnival. Ryan has been hooked from day one and it looks like our TyTy may just be a junkie too! The first few moments were frightening. Tyler wouldn't even stand in line for tickets without screaming out and squirming out of my arms. (Beware of low riding cigararettes that are just the right height for burned faces.) But after Daddy paid for some tickets and we waited in line...all was right with the world. Ryan got a wristband and could ride all of the rides he wanted. After Tyler and mom and grandma got their fill, they went for a ride to settle little guy down and rest their legs while Ryan and Daddy played. We picked them up about 45 minutes later after we enjoyed a $.99 bargain Sundae at McDs. Of course, when Ryan and Daddy saw the packages and the syruppy faces we had to stop again. What a great evening. We truly enjoyed the night!
I'm back to work today. So far, so good. Can't even think about missing the boys or my page will get wet:) I always thought it would be great to be a stay at home mom but I was always held back by a little fear that I wouldn't measure up to the kind of mom I want to be. It was such a wonderful experience I will be making plans to do this full time and in that sense, this layoff was a real blessing. Now, I just have to get my checkbook in order:) Pray for me or wish me luck!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bubble time!

Tyler squealed with delight on Tuesday evening. It was a perfect day for bubbles and they lingered everywhere. Ryan was so enthralled with looking up for bubbles that he ran right into our concrete wall. He got a pretty big bump and a scratch. Ouch.

I got called back to work for this upcoming Monday. I pray that I just keep the right perspective.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A look at a year ago...

Brrr. It's cold again today. I vowed that we would play outside today rain or shine and we did. It was very cold and wet and now we all have runny noses. Tyler tried his first cup of hot cocoa. Now we are snuggling in sweat pants and looking for activities before nap time. I remember this day last year like it was yesterday. Boy, things do sure change quickly. Let's hope for sunnier days...unfortunately, Andy (channel 10 weather) says cold for the next 7 or so. Boo.

Little birdies are telling me I might be back to work on Monday. I'm not really up for that! So I'm trying to get the right attitude. Wish me luck.