Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Jakob!

We had a fabulous time celebrating Jake's 6th Birthday. He had a pool party and we spent the day in good company. Amazingly, these kids keep growing older and cuter. Fun Times.

The night before, the whole clan was at our house for the Lake Somerset Fireworks. Jake and Hailee spent the night and we spent the morning swimming in the lake. The boat went Kapoot and all I could think of was Jakob being late for his own party. Luckily, we called a a tow home, and headed to the party in our wet suits. Wowza. We just made it on time;)

Hailee's Softball Game

We watched Miss Hailee play softball over in Chelsea. It was a hit and Ryan was chomping at the bit wanting to play so badly.

Summertime=Skiing + Smiles

It was a great morning for skiing. So thankful for friends who have the equipment and the thoughtfulness for inviting the Ladd's along! I'm so proud of these youngsters. They are so full of determination.

Robin's Nest, Last Game

We were sad to see Ryan's last game this season. He really enjoyed the season and his coach was very nice and has the patience of a saint. Thanks Stan! I'm sure Ryan will continue to keep us busy with baseball practice in the front lawn.

Full Blast is a Blast!

The boys had a really nice sleepover with Papa Ralph and Granna Ellen a couple of Saturday's ago. On Sunday, we picked them up and strolled off to Full Blast Waterpark in Battle Creek for some fun. And Boy oh Boy, was it ever fun. Clean, fun. We opened the park and closed the park and the boys keep asking to go back. There was a bounce house, trampoline, water balloon launcher, zero gravity pool and waterslides. The day was hot and sunny and it was perfect.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father's Day Nascar Way!

The Ladd Dad's and Papa's and Cousins spent a hot day in the sun at the Nascar Race! It was a scorcher but they sure did have alot of fun.

Carp Carnival

As always, we enjoyed the carp carnival. It seemed extra nice this year. Maybe a little more family friendly and less Riff Raff. We gorged ourselves on corn dogs and homemade potato chips and by the time we left the parking lot, the boys were asleep:)

Kindergarten Graduation and Last Day of School

It was a very nice day at the Addison Kindergarten Graduation. Ryan really enjoyed his class and teacher. I'm not quite sure he grasped the fact that summer vacation means no more Mrs. Day every day:( I think he has his first crush. We made sure to get a picture of Mrs. Wetherby too.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Field Trip: Binder Park Zoo

We had a fun day at Binder Park Zoo. It was the kindergarten field trip and it was cute seeing all the kids together. Jim stayed up to take the adventure with us. It was an all around good day.