Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Jakob!

We had a fabulous time celebrating Jake's 6th Birthday. He had a pool party and we spent the day in good company. Amazingly, these kids keep growing older and cuter. Fun Times.

The night before, the whole clan was at our house for the Lake Somerset Fireworks. Jake and Hailee spent the night and we spent the morning swimming in the lake. The boat went Kapoot and all I could think of was Jakob being late for his own party. Luckily, we called a a tow home, and headed to the party in our wet suits. Wowza. We just made it on time;)

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Chelsea said...

That sure was fun!! Glad to be a part! I think you should have posted Kylie on here even if she looked like a DORK tho!!! lol