Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Possum Babes

This is what the neighbors found in their garbage can this week. Momma had some babies. I could barely get close enough to sneak a peak in fear that the ugly creature would hiss or jump at me. Honestly, once I got a look...I keep checking back. They are not the cutest creatures but I was fascinated by the nurturing that took place. I'd never seen babies possum before.

Ryan's Fishing Story

Ryan can now be called a proven fisherman. The other day he caught a small blue gil and was so proud. He is very patient. The next day, he was back on the dock trying again. Wow! He caught a huge blue gil. When I got out the tape measure we could hardly believe it was 11 inches. Great Job Ryan!
We've been spending some time doing a little swimming in the very chilly water. The boys have enjoyed feeding the catfish and tonight we were able to get our boat in the water and went for a spin. Tyler says, "Wee, that was fun Daddy." Time to give it some TLC as it is full of the smell of moth balls and dirty with the sight of mold:(
We're getting our new roof put on this weekend and hope to catch some fireworks or a Tiger baseball game. Also looking forward to a cookout. Any takers?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Noticing Ryan at 5 1/2

Ryan is maturing so much and is becoming such a good little helper. He had some medical tests to rule out some of his "poopy" issues. All is fine and Ryan is really having success. Alot of our issues are resolved. He got a fishy as a reward for his hard work at training his body for the toilet:) Thanks buddy. a baseball player. a mushroom hunter.
Ryan...loves the ipad and does spelling and math on it.
Ryan...writes his numbers on the calendar daily.
Ryan...goes to Sunday School.
Ryan...loves to fill out his reward chart.
Ryan....gets himself dressed. his thumb less and uses his blanket less.
Ryan...wears size 7 clothes and sz 2/12 shoes.
Ryan...has fewer meltdowns.
Ryan...attended kindergarten roundup.
Ryan....loves minute to win it and practices the stunts.
Ryan...loves to chew gum.
Ryan...loves to help in the kitchen, especially making cupcakes.
Ryan...loves to play boardgames, solitaire and poker.

It's so fun watching this cutie grow up. He has such a good attention span is very diverse in his interests. He also loves to spend time with family and that is important to us.

What we notice about Tyler at 2 + 3/4 years:)

Tyler trys to avoid naps when we are all home on the weekend. Most times, he is just too tuckered out and crashes with his bear bear.

Tyler...likes to ask why? usually mia and can be found playing Wii.
Tyler...likes to play apps on the ipad.
Tyler...likes to crawl in bed with me and sleep at night when Ryan sleeps with Daddy or Grandma.
Tyler...learned to put on his own shoes.
Tyler...says "I had fun at Miss Brenda's" on the way home each day.
Tyler...demands hear #2 in the car from the Lion King soundtrack.
Tyler...climbs out of the Tahoe by himself and wants to close the door.
Tyler...loves to eat the frosting and top off of "duptakes" and return to the bottom later.
Tyler...counts up and down from 10 and says blastoff! to scare his family with his "ROARS!"
Tyler...can often be seen copying Ryan.
Tyler...loves Roni and Cheese! And Yogurt.
Tyler...wears 4Ts and size 11 shoes.

Tyler's expressions are priceless. He is usually a very cooperative boy.

Ryan's Baseball Debut

He's a slugger. We're glad that it is coaches pitch rather than Tball. Ryan is ready and swings to hit:) He likes to slide into the bases and also leads off which I am sure is against the rules...but hey, the Tigers do it!
He has been so serious about the game. While others are playing pat-a-cake and other games, Ryan is nothing but baseball.

Tyler enjoys playing at the games. He's less interested in the game than he is at running around the park and playing racing games. 3-2-1 Race!

One of the best parts of the night is that Ryan's team is sponsored by the local ice cream store and the kids all get a cone after the game.