Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ryan's Fishing Story

Ryan can now be called a proven fisherman. The other day he caught a small blue gil and was so proud. He is very patient. The next day, he was back on the dock trying again. Wow! He caught a huge blue gil. When I got out the tape measure we could hardly believe it was 11 inches. Great Job Ryan!
We've been spending some time doing a little swimming in the very chilly water. The boys have enjoyed feeding the catfish and tonight we were able to get our boat in the water and went for a spin. Tyler says, "Wee, that was fun Daddy." Time to give it some TLC as it is full of the smell of moth balls and dirty with the sight of mold:(
We're getting our new roof put on this weekend and hope to catch some fireworks or a Tiger baseball game. Also looking forward to a cookout. Any takers?

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grandma ellen said...

Wat to go Ryan. No one can cal your fish story a fish story because you have the proof in the catch & picture of the fish. Yah buddy!!!! Love you all