Sunday, May 16, 2010

Noticing Ryan at 5 1/2

Ryan is maturing so much and is becoming such a good little helper. He had some medical tests to rule out some of his "poopy" issues. All is fine and Ryan is really having success. Alot of our issues are resolved. He got a fishy as a reward for his hard work at training his body for the toilet:) Thanks buddy. a baseball player. a mushroom hunter.
Ryan...loves the ipad and does spelling and math on it.
Ryan...writes his numbers on the calendar daily.
Ryan...goes to Sunday School.
Ryan...loves to fill out his reward chart.
Ryan....gets himself dressed. his thumb less and uses his blanket less.
Ryan...wears size 7 clothes and sz 2/12 shoes.
Ryan...has fewer meltdowns.
Ryan...attended kindergarten roundup.
Ryan....loves minute to win it and practices the stunts.
Ryan...loves to chew gum.
Ryan...loves to help in the kitchen, especially making cupcakes.
Ryan...loves to play boardgames, solitaire and poker.

It's so fun watching this cutie grow up. He has such a good attention span is very diverse in his interests. He also loves to spend time with family and that is important to us.

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grandma ellen said...

I am so far behind getting caught up on the kids. Love the stories love the pictures. What a cutie young boy he is becoming. He has grown & matured so much. Love you all