Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tyler's Pretend Birthday!

I love that smile!  How nice of teachers to allow the kids with summer birhday's to celebrate a pretend birthday at school with their friends.  Tyler felt like an extra special boy that day.  Thank you Mrs. Day.

Special Moments with Grandma

Ryan and Tyler are always helping Grandma in her yard.  Tyler couldn't wait to get his hands on her flowers while Ryan mowed the lawn.  I'm so glad my boys have these special memories with Grandma.  They will never forget her flowers, her cookies, and her love for games.  XOXO!

Ryan's Machine Pitch Team

As always, we love baseball!  We had a great year watching Ryan and the rest of his team and opposing friends grown into better ball players.  Jim helped as assistant coach and I helped in the dugout and it has been a rewarding year despite early on concerns for the program.   Go Addison!

2nd Grade Poetry Slam and Spelling Bee Contest

 The 2nd Grade class was super cool with their groovy beats at the Poetry Slam.  The audience snapped to the beat to congratulate the savvy players.  Ryan enjoyed being a chosen one from his class to join up with the chosen ones from the other two classes as they performed "Invitation."

 Mr. Williams and his crew rapped a song about the 55 essentials.  What a good sport we have in our principal.  He always goes the extra mile.  We are grateful to have him on our side.

 The spelling bee was a great success and although Ryan was eliminated, he was a good sport and congratulated and cheered on his friends.  I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming. 

Michigan Adventure and a Memorial Day Parade

 We spent the day at Michigan adventure with driving lessons and thrill rides.  What an enjoyable day together.  Love my energetic and eager family:)

It was great having an extra day off school to pay tribute to our veteran's.  It was a cold and rainy day but we were sure to give thanks to the men and women who sacrifice so much.

Toledo Zoo

We love the zoo.  We spent the day with the Hawkins clan and really enjoyed the Memorial Weekend Saturday weather.  These kids are growing up way to fast and I love to look back at the polar bear picture to see how they are thriving.  We're sure to make this a lifelong tradition.

Root Beer Report

 Logan and Ryan worked to build a nice history of Root Beer.  They researched on the web and build a Keynote presentation on the ipad to share with the class.  Then they made some homemade rootbeer to share with the class.  Nicely done boys!

Mornings With Mom

We enjoyed our breakfast together at the school for Mornings with Mom sponsored by our awesome PTO.  As you can see, the doughnuts were scrumptious and the smiles were contagious.  Thank you to the volunteers who help build lasting and fun memories for the families of Addison Schools.

A Spring of Life

This is what we've been up to at the house.  Fishing and enjoying the views on the lake.

 The second graders witnessed the life cycles of some precious little chicks.  Their chirps were a treat for all.

Happy Birthday Grandma Hawkins! 89 Years.

We sure did enjoy the day with my Grandma for her 89th birthday!  My cousin Pam invited us out for a relaxing day with good eats and good company.  She was extra sweet to fill a couple of pinatas for her young cousins.  What a treat.  Happy Birthday to a sweet Grandma who raised an army:)

ASES-All Students Exercise Simultaneously

 Zach and Ryan playing on the field.  Not the best pic of Zack but I love the shot of Corrine in the background;)
 Tyler got the hang of the hula and hunted down his second grade friends to enjoy the day.
The kiddos had a fun time going down to the track and field for an afternoon of fun exercise.  The entire school was there to enjoy the sunshine and comraderie.

Kindergartner's Visit Binder Park Zoo

 Hoyt and Tyler feed the Giraffe big leaves of Romaine lettuce.  Mmmm.

 Sitting on Elephant tusks and wondering if they can be used as boomerangs.  Incidentally, according to Ryan's Guiness Book of World Records, a tusk of a Mammoth is still operational nearly 23,0000 years later:)

 Tyler with some silly shots.  Dad is a real trooper as he worked 3rd shift and stayed up all day to play at the zoo and later at baseball.

Blake is adorable in his spider painted face:)
Finally got Tyler to pose with Mom.