Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo Shoot at Gma Ellen's

It was the beginning of September when we took these shots by Grandma Ellen's garden. Jim, Papa, Ryan, and Uncle Rich were out golfing and Tyler took a liking to the camera. What a sweet, silly smile. He loves to walk the plank of bricks and can often be seen falling into the shrubbery...only to try once more:)
Just after taking these shots Tyler tackled me to the ground and in doing so, we looked up in the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow smiling down on us.
You know I take alot of pictures and I have to say that the fall shots of my kids playing with Grandma's flowers are some of my favorites. I think the next best are of all of us in our Halloween costumes. Such a fun day. We're really looking forward to the October-kids-fest at GGs this weekend. We surely hope everyone can make it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's growing up:)

I've had some computer issues and haven't wanted to upload pictures just in I'm finally getting some updates.
Last week or so while the weather was still warm (too cold for us but just right for kids), Ryan asked if he could practice jumping off the boat and swimming. Of course! He's just getting so brave.
On Friday, Ryan accompanied Tyler to his 2 year appointment and was surprised to learn that he too would be getting a shot...a flu shot. He ran around the office begging the nurse to give it to his brother first! Jim is still chuckling over the nurse who lifted Ryan up like a sack of potatoes and administered the shot before he could refuse again. (Tyler screamed liked nobody's business when he received 3 shots....ouch! All was forgotten after a night of dedicated video gaming between the family.)
This past weekend he had a sleepover with Jakob and Hailee and proclaimed the next day that he wasn't even scared. "I was so brave," he testified. For mom, dad, and was a strange Sunday morning waking up without our guy.
Jim confessed that he felt both "a little empty" and proud as Ryan played with some kids across the way and never even asked us to be by his side.
Last night he was the last to come up to bed and turned off all the lights and TV before settling in.
These are all sure signs that our little guy is growing up. What sweet memories we have.

Friday, September 25, 2009

2 Year Check-Up

Today, Tyler goes to the pediatrician for his 2 year check up...I'm sure there will be shots involved. Ryan is so geeked and spent the ride to school today explaining to Tyler what he was in for! I hope all goes well...I have to work so Daddy is making the trek and I'm sure there will be plenty of screaming.

I'm still a little leary of using my computer right now...the virus scanner says clean but it still seems to be acting slowly. I really want to upload some pictures for the blog.

This weekend we will be going to get Ty's 2 year pictures taken and hopefully some family shots. Can't wait! We'll be going to a Pumpkin Patch over in New Boston. Sounds so fun.

In a couple of weeks...I can't wait to spend the day at another Patch up in St. Johns with my college friends and their families. I love this time of year. We're going on Jim's Bday weekend so maybe we'll make some other big plans too.

Hopefully, I can spend some time this weekend playing with my Cricut...I got a really cool new cartridge "Graphically Speaking" and it is literally calling my name and really inspiring me to scrapbook. Some cool stuff that I'm going to use to decorate favor bags for GGs upcoming bash in Ocotober. Look at all the fun we have in store. So blessed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I got a bug from Facebook

So...I was sitting down with my BFF FB when I clicked on a link and knew there was trouble ahead. All of my friends and family were flashing before my eyes and I knew that something was going terribly wrong! Sure enough, I got a virus from an attachment I opened in FB and it was instantly spread to many.

My sis-in-law was super sweet and went on my FB from her virus free Super Apple and tried to notify my friends of the potential harm I had spread. I hope you got the warning. (Hopefully their virus protection prevented them from opening the virus.)

I really haven't figured out why my virus protection wasn't working. I'm still trying to clean up the boogers and I 'm really having withdrawals from chatting with all of my friends. I have to say that it has been one of the most mortifying experiences of my life:) May all those hackers, identity thefters, virus creating monsters get what they deserve! With all my heart...I'm sorry if your computer has suffered from my carelessness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Woo Hoo, Election just about over...

I've been stressing for months over the election responsibilities. Yesterday was a long day! The day went smoothly. The close was ok...a few unclear moments but I think I got through it. Packages delivered to authorities today and just have to wait on official results. Cross your fingers:) I can't relax until I hear everything is squared away.

I'm hoping to have a fun post up soon with pictures.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Zoo Fun.

We never seem to tire of the Toledo zoo. It is just a bargain and keeps us entertained all day long. Tyler loved the new petting zoo and Ryan's fav is still the carosel. Tyler is starting to like the rides but was clinging to me during round one. I like the reflection in the mirror in the picture above.
Happy Birthday Rick!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Haven, Heavenly Beaches.

It was cold...but it was still fun walking the beach at Grand Haven. Miles of sandy beaches, seagulls, lighthouses and overall beauty. A gal could really get some good exercise walking this beach, especially with a kid on her hip:) The boys enjoyed chasing seagulls and walking the pier even though it was cold and drizzling.
Flashback: Jim asked if the beach reminded me of Maui:) It would have had it not been so cold. We burned up our feet in Maui 7 years ago when we stood barefoot in pristine white sand to make our vows.
Of course we were at the furthest point from the car when the rain really started to come down. At that point, the sand was stuck everywhere and we piled into the car which soon resembled a sand dune. It kinda put a stop to our sit-down dinner plans and we stopped at a fast food mexican joint instead. It was yummy though.
We are definately planning to spend some time here next summer. There were tents and campers set up right on the beach. There were about 50 volleyball nets set up and looks like it would be tons of fun in the summer heat. On this day we only shared the beach with a handful of adventurers. What a beautiful town.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fan Day, Then & Now

August 2006-Fan Day, Ryan and Jim

Fan Day, August 2009, Ryan

You would think those pretty girls would have Ryan smiling. We always enjoy going to help kick off the U of M season at Fan Day. We always torchure Ryan by making him get his picture taken with the cheerleaders.

It's just a really fun day running around, getting autographs and pictures. We only lost Ryan in the crowd 3 times:) I'm still laughing at the blue stained Michigan shirt from the free sno-cone. My brother says that is perfect marketing...give out free sno-cones so the families have to run out and buy new Michigan apparel since you can't get out the stains.