Friday, January 20, 2012

Hands on Museum and the Treehouse

We celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Hands on Children's Museum in Ann Arbor and then we burned some energy and drank slushies at the Treehouse in Chelsea. What a great day. My boys were champs the whole day and even kept track of how to find the car in the parking structure. Oh...I'm such a small town gal.

Snow What Fun!

Our first real snowfall didn't arrive until January this Winter Season. We ate up the six sided slopes as soon as we could on Saturday morning. Such fun. Such exercise.

It was certainly a fun filled day. The boys went to the workshop to work on the car for the Pinewood Derby. We went sledding. We did some chores. We had a fun evening with friends at the Fulk house. Everyone slept good that night.

Ryan's 7th Birthday

We had a fun time at the house celebrating Ryan's 7th birthday. We surprised him with an Aaron Rogers Greenbay Packers cake that he loved. But he loved the company best of all. After everyone left the party he talked us into taking him to Finley's for a free steak. Love that kid. We didn't quite make it up to the New Year, but I loved cuddling with my buddy on one of his happiest days of the year.