Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hawkins Thanksgiving 2012

Super crowded, super rowdy, plenty of told secrets, too much food.....oh, so many laughs.  Happy Thanksgiving Saturday.  Glad to share the day with all the little ones and looking forward to next year's new addition:)

A Ladd Thanksgiving 2012

As always, Thanksgiving day was spent with family and the food and company was great.  We spent a few minutes on a quest for the perfect picture.  Were we successful?  Nobody's perfect, but the day was pretty close to perfect.  We are so thankful.

Stations Helper

Tyler's Turkey ate cupcakes!

Hoyt Wrona and Tyler Ladd

Tyler kept asking me when I could come into the classroom to read with the kids, so I took a 1/2 day off at work and came in to do stations with Mrs. Day's class after spending the morning at the 2nd grade Potlach.  I enjoyed helping the kids make Turkey creations with feathers and cut out food from magazines.  I loved seeing Tyler's big smile.  It was such a good day with my boys.

Native American Potlach, 2nd Graders

Ryan, Ava

Crazy Party Festivity

Corrin, Kahlen, Michael

Jasmine, Bailey, Ryan

McKenzie, Allie, Brodie
I think the quote was, "I don't do pictures!" -Brody

Gabe, Ty, Dylan

Hailee, Eilah, Noland


Jimmy, Diego

Zachariah, Hunter

Ryan, Mr. Fether
featuring the Indian pin from Ryan
The second graders spent some time studying the Native Americans.  They decorated vests, hats, and placemats among other fun activities.  The celebration concluded with a feast of banana muffins, corn muffins, apples, bananas, and popcorn.  The kids watched Pocohantas to conclude the event.  It was a fun time.  I took the 1/2 day off so that I could enjoy the day at school being mom for the boys. 

The Lights Before Christmas with the Fulks

Oh Joy!  Toledo Zoo announced unlimited visits during the week to the Lights Before Christmas so we packed up the Tahoe and took off on a Tuesday night school night to join the festive fun.  We thought for sure we'd be home before 9:00 but the lure of the lights kept us in awe and once again we overstayed our welcome.  Pretty sure we were some of the last to leave. 

Jackson Parade

We enjoyed the hour long Jackson parade again this year.  We were lucky enough to catch up with friends and enjoyed a nice conversation with Chad and Darcy Wrona.  Because Tyler lost his hat on the street, we did a U-turn to recover our beloved Tiger Hat and was stopped by a Cit Pat reporter.  We made the front page of the newspaper.  Fun.   Christmas Parade

Veteran's Day Concert

When Ryan first brought home the request for a speaking part, he said no.  I kept it on the counter and we talked about it over the weekend.  By Monday morning, Ryan ageed to do it.  I'm so proud and so glad he participated.  Mrs. Black does a top notch job working with the students for the performance.  Ryan quoted Charles F. Brown by saying, "We can't all be Washington's but we can all be patriots."  He also stated that, The Rockies, The Smithsonian, and The Liberty Bell"  are all American icons.  Great job, Ryan!