Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

It was an exciting morning on the first day of school.  Tyler and Ryan were ready.  We were proud and ready.  I see smiles on these faces.  But we will always remember those trembling lips on Tyler when we were saying bye to him in Mrs. Day's classroom on the first day of school.  We thought we might have issues as the week before, Tyler suddenly didn't want to stay at bible school.  We prepped him all week long saying that indeed we would be saying goodbye and that the teacher would be equipped to deal with his sadness. 

Jim and I agreed to say goodbye and exit quickly.  When I discovered that Jim did not make it to the hallway behind me, I waited patiently for about 15 minutes before Jim finally left the room.  He said that Tyler grabbed his hand and looked so sad that he had no recourse.  Luckily, Mrs. Day saved the day and stole him away.  She said he was perfectly fine within a few minutes and he had a great day.  I'm glad to report that he continues to love school.

As for Ryan, he was so ready that he said goodbye and never looked back.  So thankful that they like school.

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