Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Let's face it...things don't always go our way. I'm a person with high expectations and at the holidays, I especially want meaningful memories. Every holiday I get a little riled up b/c plans don't always fall into place. Nothing was seeming to go right on Thanksgiving morning. A little too much fighting and scrambling to get ready. I definately need to lighten up a bit:) I'm only admitting this because it is a step in practicing gratitude.

We had a very good holiday. We celebrated Thanksgiving day at Ralph and Ellens and it was enjoyable as always. I am especially thankful to Ellen who invited my mom so I was able to spend a full day with my favorite peeps.

We followed the day up with some Friday morning early birding and scored some fun deals! Later that day we had another great meal at Rick and Amanda's. Family time is definately my favorite time. We snatched up Jakob and Hailee for the evening and went to the Brooklyn parade. It was pretty low key but enjoyable. Yummy doughnuts, cider and popcorn while we watched the show and petted reindeer:)

(I am amazed that two kids can actually sit in this chair together without fighting. I am posting it for Ryan and Tyler to observe:)

I spent the next morning crafting with Ryan and Hailee. Hailee scored big at the Country Loft 10cent sticker sale:) That evening we went to the Toledo Zoo. We packed our vacation full of fun!

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Grandma Ell said...

Yes Thanksgiving was a great day filled with much fun. Your mom is always welcome to come anytime you want to bring her!!! Love all the pic's.