Friday, December 11, 2009

December 9th

Today was pajama day at school. The boys always love these special days. Ryan has been wearing too small of pajamas all winter and I busted out a pair of size 7 that I had planned to give for Christmas but this turned out to be a more appropriate time. Surprisingly, they fit with a little roll of the sleeves. I told Ryan, "no more breakfast for you!" It's our little joke to let him know how big and strong he is getting.

Jimmy was bowling tonight. He tried to rest and recover. Picked up my mom since her electricity was out. It was really cold and our driveway is a mess. We stomped our way to safety. We ate a chili mac casserole to warm us up and finished up with sweet potato pie. (That easy and delicious recipe is getting me in alot of trouble.)

The boys were unruly and mom was really helpful trying to occupy them with puzzles. We still couldn't stop Ryan's crankiness and his tendency to pick on Tyler.

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