Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11th

We were on vacation again today. I just can't get the boys in synch. There is alot of fighting and screaming and lack of coopertion but we made it through with a couple of time outs and some circle talk where we sit in a circle and talk about our behavior. I was hoping to have some fun this afternoon visiting with family or going to dinner but it just didn't pan out. I'm spending some time on my memory books and finishing up our christmas cards to put in the mail in the morning. They turned out pretty simple and cute for such a late start. I mounted them on patterned paper that will stand like a teepee on their own.

We did have a good time visiting with the Wheaton's today for a playdate. So neat to see their little cuties growning. Kahlen and Ryan played lego's while Tyler and Kyra smiled and laughed before Tyler ran her over in the Dora car. Mommies saved the day! No worries!

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