Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 23

Tyler went to daycare alone today and Miss Char was sad that Ryan hadn't come as we would be away until the new year. I spent the morning getting a highlight and then heading to Battle Creek to sing Carols to disabled Veteran's. It is a very rewarding day and feels good to appreciate these deserved Veteran's. Afterward, we always eat dinner at the Outback. I enjoyed a steak and lobster feast and boy, was it ever delicious.

I picked up the boys at my mom's as Jim was bowling (only the 2nd of 2 nights a year that Jim can drink:). Mom had a house full. Grandma Hawkins, Aunt Char, and Michelle were here for a visit and the house was bumbling with laughter, stories, and a tired Ryan! We headed home after a little persuasion to Ryan who really wanted to stay the night again. Alas, there were no more clean clothes and the little boy's momma missed him dearly and made him come home.

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