Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 15

So many little surprises today that made me smile!

I scored this awesome kit from American Crafts. It is full of all kinds of fun stuff that I never would have picked out on my own. It was a real bargain and it has really inspired me to do something crafty.

I got a nice little package sent to me in the mail today from a very kind retiree who wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas. It was some yummy southern style chex mix from Alabama...filled with the usuals and a spicy tang...but the special surprise was bacon! I love thoughtful surprises.

I also got a surprise gag gift from a secret santa who was trying to embarass me at work. It is too embarassing to share. They always say I am too uptight and are always looking for ways to make my face turn red. They were successful.

Came home from work tonight and, no surprise, they were having some serious Wii action!! Here's a cute picture that I put in my December Daily titled "Wii are family!" It's become and important part of our day.

There are some really wonderful skills that the boys gaining from the Wii. They are really good at finding the mii...that looks alike, that is different, that is fastest, etc. It's not always as easy as it might seem and Ty Ty is getting really quick. Tyler is also a fan of bowling. Ryan is still a major fan too. "Bowling" and "Crash" (as in Crash Bandicoot) are two of Ty's favorite words.

Did I mention that my boys like bowling? For nearly 3 years, bowling pins have a been a favorite in the house. Setting up pins and crashing them down is a regular event in the house. By the look of this smile and the bowling ball up in the air...I think that might have been a Turkey!

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