Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1

We have all kinds of fun activities planned for the month and I have my December Daily album prepped and ready for random pictures and documentation of the days in December. I am also all set to work on my Holidays in Hand project. The December 1st prompt encouraged participants to take a family picture and since I didn't get home until 7:30 p.m., I begged everyone to pose in the chair while I set the self timer on the camera. After 3-4 tries I think we got a winner but I'll have to upload it later.
(Insert photo here)
For now, here's a picture of the project:

This project includes a prompt every day that tells you to write about a memory, to take a picture of something, and also has blank lines for you to decide what to make and what to do! For me, the project fits in nicely with my December Daily. Each day of the month has it's own prompt and journal card on the back to write about the memory. I placed the stack inside of a tin (re-used aol cd case that came in the mail). I decorated the tin with patterned paper and inked edges and put a magnet on the back of the chipboard bird to hold the card to the metal. It will be an easy system for me:)

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