Monday, November 8, 2010

School Party

There's definately alot of excitement and electricity at a Kindergarten Halloween Party. There were alot of kids, alot of volunteer parents, and way to many treats. I was asked to bring something healthy...vegetables. I made a cresent roll with shredded carrots and a celery stalk for the pumpkin shaped treats. They were hugely ignored compared to the sweet treats. Oh well. I would have gone for the sweets myself:)
The kids had alot of fun. Jim was able to go due to it being a Friday party. Tyler was excited all day long to go with us. He couldn't wait to put on his costume. He fell asleep in the car during the 6 minute trip to Addison and he never woke up. He missed the whole party. We left straight for Papa's house for an evening of Sorry! fun and other stuff. Thanks papa and grandma for watching the boys while Jim and I headed to the casino for all you can eat crab legs that only set us back $9! Wow. We made a contribution to the machines in thanks.

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grandma ell said...

great pictures. I'm sorry I'm so far behind reading the blog & all. Looks like a great fun day. Love you all