Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Fish Stories....

 Down by the bay with Mr. Luke.
 Sometimes, you can't even get your hand around those Red Ears.
 The only thing more beautiful than the sunset tonight was Ryan's smile.  Love these moments.

 Amy gives the boys credit for her big catch of the day.

 Can you see the Fulk kids are dressed up in costumes?  Too cute.
Zach caught a nice Pike with a small fish clipped to a hook.  Then he caught the smallest sardine ever.  Great job Bud!

 *Note Kaylee's shirt.  Mommy's little incredible Hulk Lady.
 That's T Money sporting a pose.
"Carolladd, will you push me?" asks Kaylee.

There's been alot of fishing going on this summer.  Mr. Jason and Miss Amy are making Ryan and prized fisherman.  Every night around 7:30 we hit the waters and don't make it home until after 10:00 p.m.  I can still hear the giggles race across the water night after night.  Precious.

And when the littler kiddos get a little tired of fishing....there's no telling what might happen:)

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