Sunday, July 8, 2012

Memorial Day, Quality Camping

 We love to camp, especially with family;)  The kids love to visit with Uncle Ray and Aunt Susie and drive around on their golf cart.
 They have a really nice setup and makes coffee and lunchtime really easy:)  The guys always get out the bean bag toss and settle in for some friendly competition.
We spent hours in the hot sun looking for bull frogs in the pond.  Ryan got a little too brave sometimes and I thought for sure he would be water bound!

 This game got a little competitive!

 There's plenty of seating at the Ladd campsite.  But right next to each other is where we like to be.
 It was Aunt Susie's Birthday celebration and we were so glad to wish her a happy day.

 Tyler likes to roast the marshmallow, but he doesn't like to eat them that way.  Papa's asked for help.
 Brady liked wearing Grandma Susie's birthday hat.  I love seeing Tyler smile in the background.

 The boys took their turns blowing out the candles.

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