Monday, January 25, 2010

We saw another flick...

On Monday, we treated the boys to a movie and it was really cute. Ryan was really into it. Tyler laughed and said "mommy" alot really loud! My apologies to the crowd. About an hour into it, he switched from saying mommy to saying is it over? But I think he liked it too. Those Chipmunks are just like my boys...too cute, funny, talented....but always stirring up trouble! R Y A N! I'm not sure why it only got 2 stars b/c I thought it was really cute. See it if you can. The Chip-ettes will surely make you laugh and dance.
Jim, Ryan, and Tyler hit the bowling alley on Sunday. Tyler ran around and finally fell asleep in Jim's lap while Ryan finished up 10 games. I'm tellin ya...the kid is committed.
In other sports news....Ryan is practicing to be a UofM Michigan basketball player. He has completely demolished 2 over the door basketball hoops with his sweet loop de loop slams! Can I say GAME OVER? "But mom...I have to practice."

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