Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not so bad...

So I'm half way throught the work week that I so dreaded. It wasn't so bad. I worked out 3 times yesterday...2 half hour walks on treadmill and eliptical and followed up with a 20 minute circut weight training that really made me sore today. Yeah. The Precor brand that i use at work are dreamy! It brings back high school memories of conditioning for softball and volleyball. Those first few weeks were always killer and I can't remember ever doing workouts like that in my adult life.

I don't have to work tonight so I'm looking forward to some quality time with my Tyler and the Wii fit. That kid loves to do the running events back-to-back...he must know mommy needs help:)

I think Ryan will go bowling with daddy. He hasn't been for a while and I think Jim kinda misses him. Of course when I mentioned it to Ryan this morning...TyTy overheard and his little eyes lit up and he said "I want to go bowling." His communication skills are getting so much better and it makes him even cuter. He loves his bowling.
Yesterday, we got our Disney Planning video in the mail and Jim said the boys watched it all night long. Ryan was quite the chatterbox talking of all the things he couldn't wait to see or do. By the time I got home, Ryan was begging to go right away! His excitement really adds to our excitement. Jim has his eye on quite a few rides:)

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