Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catch up...

It's been a crazy busy week. I know. I know. I'm always talking about how busy I add to it the responsibility of getting in a workout. Jim and I have been doing really good about getting in some daily exercise. Jim is enjoying his newspaper on the bike and I have been walking/running on the treadmill. It doesn't really get easier, but at least it boosts your self esteem.

On Sunday, we ventured in to Ann Arbor for the U of M vs. Northwestern basketball game. Although we didn't win the game, our family had some good pay it forward given to us. As we were walking in the wrong door, the attendant handed us free tickets for the kids and pointed Jim and I to the ticket sales window. While we were walking in, a stranger walked up to me and gave me a single when Jim walked up to the window, he requested 1 ticket and the salesman handed Tyler another freebie! We ended up in the game for free! Now that's some good Karma and the kids enjoyed the game (read popcorn:)

The evening got even better when Amanda invited us over for a delicious meal. Good food. Good company. Life is Good.

Tonight I'll be playing catchup on some chores and then Wii fit with my Tyler:) The boy sure does love his game. So much so that whenever he gives me too much protest I remind him that he has to cooperate to be able to play games. He is such a sweetheart that he agrees to whatever I'm trying to get him to do...get on pjs, go to bed, get his coat on, etc. So nice to have cooperation.

In the car last night and this morning, the boys have really been getting along and having conversations about disney, music, and games. It is such a treat to listen to and makes me smile. (I need to focus on just enjoying these moments instead of smiling but allowing myself to secretly wonder when the bubble will break and the arguing will start back again. I'm totally jinxing the situation.)

Uncle Jim underwent heart surgery at U of M and is progressing well. He has a couple more issues to take care of and is hopeful to come home soon. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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