Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make Every Day Count

Yesterday, our hearts stopped....

Yesterday, when the school bus stopped in front of the house and closed the doors and pulled away, I thought Jim was joking when he said Ryan never got off the bus. Our hearts stopped. I grabbed the phone and called the school and Miss Sally immediately connected with the school bus. I could hear the driver say that she was already turned around and headed back to bring home our little sleepy head. Ryan fell asleep in the seat and was down below where the driver could see him. When she asked the kids where was Ryan, they finally woke him up. That was one of the scariest minutes ever!

Jim celebrated by playing a few board games with the kids. Later in the evening, Ryan and I read stories for an hour and peaked at some Rocky movies that were replaying on the tv. It's the first Ryan has watched an adult show and he even recognized some songs. It was a great night for which we are grateful.

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grandma ellen said...

I would have been scared to death & panicing! So glad our boy just fell asleep in his seat! Love you all & looks like a serious Sorry game later that night.