Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

(That's what the chipmunk does:)

500 piece puzzle??? Do we dare? Ryan is a puzzle master but we've never done one higher than 100 pieces.

A new baseball glove? (And later...Tyler used his Christmas money to buy a DeMarini bat!) By the way....that marble game is going to get super glued together or it's bound to hit the trash....however, it has accounted for hours of fun.

Tyler trying to guess what is inside the box. I think it was his tablet:)

We love stockings.

The boys just couldn't stop saying this is the best Christmas ever. It's not even that they got anything spectacular. They love getting gifts but they love the family time and we certainly do our best to spend time together. It was a very nice holiday. Thankful hearts.

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grandma ellen said...

great christmas morning pic's...both so you all