Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More December Daily Life

Tyler got a really fun set of "manners" books in his advent bag today. The best parts were when Daddy imitated Cookie Monster and made Tyler laugh....over and over.

Ryan was a little tuckered out and was crashing out on the chair.

Ryan used some money he had saved up to buy a Dagadar gift for himself.

We got some cute Snowman photos at the mall where we met up with Aunt Amanda to return our kiddos after the sleepover. We ran into Grandma Vicki and Papa Ron too.

Jim and I had a date weekend since the boys ended up at Granna's on Friday night and Aunt Amanda's on Saturday. On Saturday, we finished up our shopping and had a very enjoyable dinner at the Outback. With full bellies, we came home and turned on a cartoon (seriously, we watched a cartoon even though the boys were gone:) and took a quick cat nap . It was a good night.

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grandma ellen said...

Love my little snow guys!!!!!!